JustBe Cleansed*


One skincare thing I am absolutely fanatical about is removing my makeup before I go to bed. I can’t think of anything worse than waking up with a black smeary face and ruined pillowcases – it’s just not a good way to start the day! To combat this, I’ve been turning to JustBe’s incredible eye makeup remover.


Packaged in a simple white tube, the remover isn’t like my usual watery options, instead it looks and feels far more like a serum. To use, I slightly dampen a couple of cotton pads using a mineral water spray, pump a little of the cleanser onto the pads then gently press onto my eyes, leaving them on for 10-15 seconds, then wipe. It’s miraculous! Even the most stubborn of formulas simply melts off with the lavender-scented formula, meaning that cleansing is an absolute breeze! The majority of the product is made up of oils (coconut, jojoba and pettigrain) which means that it feels super nourishing to use, and I am just obsessed with the scent! What I also love is the company is Edinburgh-based (so rather local to me) and it feels so great that such incredible products are being produced in the city!

The Eye Makeup Remover is priced at £15 and is available here.

Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb*


I can’t believe it’s Halloween tomorrow! It’s definitely one of my favourite holidays, and in preparation, I’ve been rather hung-ho with Lush’s special editions (it only happens once a year, right?). My final holiday-themed offering is the beautiful Northern Lights Bath Bomb. Strictly speaking, this is also super appropriate for winter in general as it’s inspired by the Northern Lights.


Unfortunately, mine was a little worse for wear thanks to the post, but it meant I could enjoy it over 2 baths rather than 1, so win-win! The bomb itself looks a little like a stick of dynamite, and it smells divine – jasmine and ylang ylang create a head white-floral fragrance which is perfect for forgetting a stressful day. When popped into the water, the bomb gets to work; the purple exterior melts away to show neon green and blue water and teeny tiny stars flutter around the bath. It’s the most gorgeous way to spend an hour or so!

The bath bomb costs £3.50 and is available here.

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin*


For the past couple of months, I feel like pumpkins have been everywhere, and I’m certainly not complaining! I get a pump of pumpkin spice syrup at Starbucks, and I’ve been baking spiced pumpkin loaves for weeks, so I thought it was about time to add a little of the orange magic into my bath time in the form of Lush’s Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar!

The bar itself is adorable. About the size of a clementine, and covered in golden glitter, the bubble bar allows you to add as much or as little of the product to your bath, depending on how bubbly you like it. I started off with the best intentions, sectioning the bar into quarters and crumbling a little in, but once the product hit the hot water, I abandoned my sense of restraint and ended up adding half the bar!

I completely adore the fragrance – this isn’t your run of the mill pie spice, but instead juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils mix to create a light, almost orange flower scent which is perfect for whiling away the (very) dark evenings. The shimmer in the brick does stay on skin, so this might not be the best pre-work option, but it’s super fun!

The bar costs £3.50 and is available here.

Lush Fairy Ring Soap*


Lush’s Fairy Ring soap is part of the Halloween collection, and may just be inspired by the most unusual ingredient I’ve come across – mushrooms!

When the soap is whole, it looks like an adorable toadstool, and the soap is cut off in slices, meaning they are all individual (and super adorable). I think mine got glitter on it in the box, so if you’re sparkle averse, don’t worry! The inclusion of shiitake mushrooms in the soap is all kinds of genius – they’re known for possessing anti-bacterial properties, and are thought to promote blood circulation, so this is a perfect addition to your morning shower routine! The soap feels pleasingly chunky in the hand, and it is 100% palm free and like all of Lush’s goods, it hasn’t been tested on animals. I’m obsessed by the fresh, floral fragrance too! There isn’t a hint of the formula’s shiitake, but instead all I can smell is gorgeous Jasmine, Vertivert and Ylang Ylang. I’m kind of obsessed with the scent, and it leaves a faint trace which I can pick up on well into the afternoon.

The soap costs £4.10 for 100g and can be found here.

Lush Sparkler Bath Bomb*


I adore Halloween. It’s undoubtedly the most fun of the holidays, and Lush is the place to be if you fancy celebrating in the bathroom!


The new sparkler bath bomb is a delicious way to spend your evening. The bath bomb comes in a tubular form (although mine are a little worse for wear thanks to the post office) and I absolutely love the fragrance. Unlike a lot of fragrances which are released at this time of year, this isn’t spiced or pumpkin-y, instead this is an incredibly scented floral. Lush described the fragrance as Rose Jam and it is incredible! When I pop it in the bath, the water turns lemon, and there is a faint crackle thanks to the popping candy including in the formula. My entire bathroom was filled with scent, and I adore the golden glitter which floats in the water!

The bath bomb costs £3.50 and is available here.

Essie The Perfect Cover Up*


So yesterday I was extolling the virtues of my newest Essie manicure, so I thought it was only right to do the same for my pedi too! I’m a little obsessed with The Perfect Cover Up, which is one of the new shades in Essie’s Fall Collection.


Like all of the polishes in the range, it’s inspired by crime, and it’s the most beautiful inky forest green. When the weather starts to turn, I dig out all my darker polishes. I think they just look so pulled together, but I sometimes tire of just plain black. That’s where colours like The Perfect Cover Up come in. On my nails it looks almost black, but when the light hits it, you get a subtle flash of green. It’s absolutely stunning, and it looks as amazing as a pedicure as it does on short, filed nails. I can’t get over how great the formula is with all of Essie’s new releases. It’s perfectly creamy when applied, and you could easily get away with only wearing one coat if you’re in a rush! For the swatches, I’ve used two, and it dries to a perfect opaque with a super glossy finish.

The polish costs £7.99 and is available from Boots

Essie Fall in Line*


Since it’s Sunday evening (where did the week go?) I thought I would share my manicure choice for the week – Essie’s fab new colour Fall in Line.


Part of the gorgeous Fall campaign, Fall in line is a stunning dusky khaki shade which is like no other shade in my collection. This season, I feel like Essie has really stepped up their formula game. This applied like a dream – perfectly creamy and opaque in a single coat. For the swatches I used two and it dries to an incredibly glossy finish. I am absolutely in love the shade – it feels chic on short nails, and it works perfectly The Perfect Cover Up (review to come) for a tonal but not quite matching mani-pedi.

The polish costs £7.99 and is available at Boots.

Delilah Cosmetics Brow Line*


Over the past couple of years, brows have become serious business, and personally, I’m so glad! I’ve always had brows which are pretty thick (not massive or caterpillar-y) and with the exception of one trip to a salon which threaded them into submission, I’ve been pretty good at maintenance. Seriously, my brows are the only thing in my passport photo which look presentable!


Delilah Cosmetics’ Brow Line pencil is absolutely everything you need to keep yours in check! The slick tube is double ended, with one side a spooky brush and the other the pencil.


When I’m doing my makeup, I tend to leave my brows until after I’ve applied my tinted moisturiser and bronzer. Then I use the brush to make sure my brows are looking tidy and uniform. I also tend to brush the hairs upward, since it apparently makes you look more awake.


Once my brows are tidied into the shape I like, I then fill them in with light feathery strokes. Delilah’s Brow Line in Ash is a perfect colour for blondes. The colour isn’t too dark or warm, so it looks completely natural and polished when I use it. What’s great about the pencil is that it is a self-sharpening wind up, which means I don’t need to lug around a sharpener when I pop it into my gym bag or if I travel.

The Brow Line costs £20.00 and is available here.

Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream*


Right in time for dry-skin-season, Clarins have released their new Super Restorative Day Cream.


Packaged in a beautifully luxurious red glass jar topped with a gold screw cap, this is an intensive moisturiser specifically designed for older skin. Since I’m not quite at that stage, I passed this (somewhat reluctantly) to my mother for testing.


After cleansing she used a couple of fingertips’ worth and smoothed it into the skin. The texture is silky smooth, and it immediately feels nourishing when applied. The formula is like nothing else – Clarins have formulated special technology which includes dehydrated vegetable micro-caps which start to absorb moisture through the skin. They then swell and fill all the deepening wrinkles meaning you look years younger!


Not only does it make the skin look incredibly youthful, but it also tightens the skin, meaning it banishes sagging, again making you look refreshed and quite a bit younger to boot!

The cream costs £69.00 and is available here.

Tom Ford Lipstick in Scarlet Rouge*


So next week is Halloween, so I’m sure you have many a party lined up. And, if you’re not getting dressed up as some sort of zombie, it’s very possible a red lipstick will be part of your arsenal. So, if you’re looking to for a rather gorgeous option, I would seriously check out Tom Ford’s perfect Scarlet Rouge.


Like all of Mr. Ford’s lipsticks, it comes nestled in the most glamorous of black and gold tubes. It’s the epitome of old-school glamour, and it feels so luxurious to use! Even better is the almond shaped lipstick which is embossed with TF – this truly is a work of art!


After prepping my lips with a quick scrub and a coating of balm, I applied the formula straight from the tube. The lipstick glides on like a dream. Without a hint of effort, I had smooth and even coverage, and the colour is truly sublime. A blue-based red which makes my teeth look pearly white, I easily got 5 hours before I felt the need for a touch up. This really is a must-have red which you’ll be picking up well after next weekend!


If you want to grab yourself a tube (and really, you should!) it costs £37.00 and is available here.