Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation*

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation

As much as I love barely there looking makeup, I often find I need a little more than usual to create the perfect ‘natural’ look. Estee Lauder’s newest foundation has become a new favorite for when I want to look natural but better!

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation-2

Packaged in a very glamorous and grown up glass bottle with a pump top, the foundation is a perfect mix of makeup and technology. As well as the regular inclusion of SPF (Perfectionist has factor 25) the formula includes anti aging serum technology, meaning as well as giving you a flawless base, it works to reduce fine lines and create a radiant finish. I’m completely obsessed with the formula. I simply pump a little onto the back of my hand and buff it into the skin using the specially designed brush (review to come). It melts seamlessly into the skin, and it creates the loveliest base. My redness disappears, and I’m instead left with skin which looks 100% natural. What I love about the foundation is how buildable it is. A light buff with the brush gives a light coverage, but where I need a little more help, a second layer evens everything out perfectly! There is also a selection of 22 shades to choose from, so it’s super easy to find your perfect colour!

The foundation costs £37 and is available now.

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Wipes*

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Face Wipes

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Wipes are one of those products that everyone tends to rave about. I first heard about them in Allure’s best of beauty round up, so when a pack plopped through the letterbox I couldn’t wait to dig in.

I always like to have a pack of removal wipes – they’re so handy to have, whether I’m at the gym, or if I’m feeling a little lazy at home they mean I never have to go to bed with a full face of makeup!

Yes To Cucumber’s offering are really among some of the best. Like the rest of the Cucumber line, the wipes are designed to be used on sensitive skin, so there is absolutely no harshness or stinging. Instead, they have the dreamiest cucumber scent, not unlike using spa-water to cleanse. The wipes are generously sized, and one is more than enough to get rid of all the day’s dirt. Since I tend to use these when I’m at the gym, I’m not normally wearing mascara, but they erase any signs of eyeliner with ease.

The wipes are currently on offer at Waitrose for a teeny £3.32

The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil*

The Jojoba Company 100% natural australian jojoba

When it comes to my nighttime regime, I’m pretty lazy. I like to use as little products as I can pop in my nightstand. The Jojoba Company’s 100% Natural Australian Jojoba oil is a great multi tasker, Packaged in a spray glass bottle for easy application, after cleansing my face I use a little as a deep moisturized. I also apply a little to my knees and elbows to keep them smooth.

Jojoba oil is actually incredible for you – it has endless uses. You can use it to nourish dry hair, moisturize cuticles and its even been proven to help heal skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis!

30ml costs £19.99 and is available here.

Victoria Green Beauty Bags*

Victoria Green Cosmetics Bags-3

If there’s one thing I’ve got down, it’s organization. I just love having everything in its place. Since I’m always off somewhere I love having a selection of beauty bags to choose from.

Victoria Green Cosmetics Bags-2

My most recent find is Victoria Green’s gorgeous new Autumn/Winter range of beauty bags. You can find them in exclusively in Debenhams, and I love the simple graphic designs.

Victoria Green Cosmetics Bags

The simple leaf pattern feels perfect for fall, and the subdued colors are just so pretty! I’m obsessed with the polka dot trim which matches the interior lining – it’s so fun! The bag is also the perfect size for all of my daily essentials – I can comfortably fit my moisturizer, concealer, blush, brushes and lip glosses with a tone of space to spare! The wash bag is made of wipe-proof material which means it is easy to keep pristine (is there anything worse than grotty makeup bags?) and I love how easy it is to find in my gym bag! The print is one of seven new patterns, and you can choose from a variety of bag sizes and styles.

Mine cost £8 and is available exclusively from Debenhams

Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream*

Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream

I think it’s fair to say that my hands aren’t my best feature. They get dry, and I have the terrible habit of picking at my cuticles. It’s not cute.

Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream-2

So in an attempt to have more ‘ladylike’ mitts, I’ve turned to Lush’s snazzily named Handy Gurugu Handcream. In the pot, the cream looks a little foreboding – it is green after all. It has a lovely whipped consistency and my hands just drink it right up!

Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream-3

It’s one of the brands most luxurious mixtures, made up of shea, peanut, cashew and almond butters to create the most heavenly of concoctions. It isn’t just a whole lot of moisture – it’s infused with rose and rosewater to minimize redness, evening primrose calms skin and chamomile blue oil acts as an antiseptic. This means that as my hands are soothed, they also look a whole lot better, and the cream promotes healing. Genius is putting it mildly. Lush recommend using Handy Gurugu at night, and I’ve also been applying it liberally when I’m sitting at my computer. It only takes a couple of seconds for the cream to sink in, and the change I’ve seen has been amazing. I had a couple of scars on one hand from a run-in with a stray kitty and they have almost disappeared since I’ve been using this. My cuticles have basically cleared up!

The hand cream costs £7.95 and is available here.

Phyto Huile Soyeuse Lightweight Hydrating Oil*

Phyto Lightweight Hydrating Oil

I’m getting ready to have my highlights done, so I’m in major hair maintenance mode! Every night I’ve been reaching for Phyto’s new Huile Soyeuse Lightweight Hydrating Hair Oil. It’s unlike any other hair oil I’ve tried before (and there have been a few). It comes packaged in a heavy glass bottle with a spray top. Phyto do say you can spray the oil in damp hair to act as a styling product, but I tend to use it at night. After brushing out my hair, I liberally spritz the oil over my ends then twirl my hair into a topknot. When I was my hair out in the morning it feels super soft and smooth – it’s amazing! I’m also in love with the scent – it smells beautifully fresh and clean, you just have to check this out!

The Hydrating Oil costs £26.50 and is available from SpaceNK


DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum

DKNY’s fragrances have been inspired by New York City for years, and they have all been light, refreshing fragrances. The ones you reach for when you want to feel pretty and girly. The newest offering – MYNY is a slightly darker and sexier affair.

DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum-4

The bottle is gorgeous – a glass heart with a shiny chrome top which represents the city skyline. It’s super fun (rather hard to photograph nicely) and looks like no other perfume bottle I’ve ever seen!

DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum-3

The scent is something else too. Where DKNY’s fragrances have been light and fruity, MYNY combines both playful and bold notes of fruity raspberries with crisp green notes and accents of pink pepper. Once the perfume warms up there is a rather sultry blend of jasmine, freesia, and orris. The deepest notes of patchouli with a creamy vanilla musk become more dominant as with the dry-down. I only need a couple of spritzes of the perfume which lasts incredibly well throughout the day.

DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum-2

It’s a great choice for the ever-closer fall and it costs £49.00 for 100ml (shown) and is available from Boots and Debenhams.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow Palette – Provocative Petal*

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow - Provocative Petal

Estee Lauder are really stepping up their game this fall with their brand new Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow Palettes. Available in 12 different colour combinations, the palettes are designed to be used wet or dry depending on your desired intensity, and they are drop-dead gorgeous – prepare for quite a few photos!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow - Provocative Petal-6

The palettes come in the most glamorous of packaging. The cases are similar to the the Color Envy lipsticks – think heavy navy metal with a golden trim. It feels pleasingly heavy to hold and it clicks shut with a satisfying snap. The large mirror in the lid is perfect for touch ups. I think that Provocative Petal is one of the more day-appropriate color-ways. There is a matte, creamy shell pink, a warmer dusky pink, a cool creamy taupe, a beautifully rich chocolate with a shimmery champagne to finish everything off. It’s really an incredible natural palette.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow - Provocative Petal-4

For day I run a little of the shell pink under my brow bone, pat a little of the taupe on my lids and lightly line with the chocolate. It’s perfectly simple and polished, and I obsessed with the texture of the shadows. They feel soft and buttery to the touch, give incredible colour payoff, and they don’t fade out during the day.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow - Provocative Petal-3

For evening I warm my look up by apply a little of the dusky pink in my crease, lining my eyes with the chocolate (dampened) and then I pat a little of the shimmer on my inner eyes.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow - Provocative Petal-5

There really is nothing not to like about the palette – from the fancy packaging to the dreamy eyeshadows, you’ve got to check these out!

The palettes cost £40.00 and are available here.

Glossybox Organic Beauty Week*


I am completely obsessed with beauty boxes. I love when the mailman brings these little pink boxes of fun, and I’ve found some amazing brands through them too! If you’re looking for an even more luxurious choice than your usual monthly subscription, Glossybox are releasing a special edition organic box by teaming up with The Soil Association. The contents are all organic and include a Bamford shower gel, Neal’s Yard Remedies lipgloss and Pai skincare amongst others and is available for £15 from September 8th. It’s a limited edition so order it fast!

You can subscribe here.

Lush Wiccy Magic Massage Bar*

Lush Magic Wiccy Massage Bar

I’m writing this post in the most heavenly cloud of scent, and it’s because I’ve just slathered myself in Lush’s Wiccy Magic Massage Bar.

Lush Magic Wiccy Massage Bar-2

Designed to ease sore and stiff muscles, this is just the most delicious smelling bar of goodness you could hope for.

Lush Magic Wiccy Massage Bar-3

To use, I just sweep the bar over my skin, and my body heat warms the cocoa and shea butter block, causing it to soften enough to leave a lightweight veil of moisture over my skin. One side of the bar is studded with aduki beans allowing for any easy way to massage poor muscles (and the texture also improves the sight of cellulite). The butters are infused with cinnamon and peppermint essential oils which have been chosen for their warming and pro-circulatory properties. The scent comes across as mostly peppermint, and once I’ve used the bar there is a menthol chill which feels amazing on my poor over-worked muscles. This might also be the longest-wearing naturally scented product I’ve come across. I applied it last night, and woke up this morning still smelling gorgeous (with perfectly soft skin)!

The massage bar is priced at £6.50 and is available here.