Models Own Festival Collection – Summer 2015*

Models Own Festival Collection Summer 2015

Today the weather has been absolutely glorious! The sun is splitting the sky, and there isn’t a cloud in sight. It’s the kind of weather that lets you know summer is on the way (and maybe you have to step it up a bit in the gym!).

But as if the blue skies weren’t enough, a parcel dropped through my door with what has the be the summeriest I’ve seen yet! Models Own have just released their Festival Collection which is inspired by music festivals. The range has everything you need to stay glam throughout the muddiest of weekends – nail varnishes, lipsticks, coloured hair spray, and face paint! I’ve just received the goodies, so I can’t wait to get swatching, and stay tuned for a review!

The Models Own Festival Collection is priced from £3.99 and is available here.

An Interview with Kristin Petrovich


As much as I adore makeup (and I really, truly do) over the past couple of years, I’ve realised just how important skincare actually is. After all, you can’t out-lipgloss bad skin! So, as I’ve learnt more about what works for my skin, I’ve discovered some really amazing skincare brands. One of these is Själ . I’ve featured some of their products on here before, as I just adore the way the brand mixes ideas from Ancient Eastern Medicine with cutting edge science. So, you can only imagine how excited I was when I got to interview the brand’s terribly glamorous founder Kristin Petrovich!

sjal_family_shot_rocks_noreflect 2015

LL: What prompted you to create your own skincare line? What were your aims for Själ when you founded it?

KP: My mother and I were looking to create something extremely simple and effective for today’s consumer; multi-tasking products that would produce results and that would not plateau on the skin but rather to become a staple or ‘go to’ product in ones bathroom cabinet. It was our goal to create a well-edited, straightforward line using the highest quality ingredients free of harsh chemicals and fillers that visibly restore, nourish and reversed signs of aging while working to detoxify, balance energies and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the environment, stress, fatigue and travel.

LL: What attracted to you the idea of fusing Ancient Eastern medicine with modern technology? What do you think can be gained with combining the two?

KP: We always practiced both Eastern and Western medicines. Eastern medicines for prevention, relaxing and re-balancing energy and Western for general health and advanced science.  For us, the integration of the East and the West was the natural course to take for the brand, we found that ancient medicines coupled with the latest advances in bio-technology and anti-aging technology proved for the most balanced, effective and efficacious products. We felt this complementary approach provides for a truly comprehensive, well-rounded anti-aging regimen.

LL: Sjal skincare products are charged with precious minerals. What difference does that make to the overall product as well as to skin? How are the products charged?

KP: All matter has energy, however, gemstones and minerals naturally emit a higher frequency or energy.  Higher frequency or energy is positive for our cells and ultimately for our health.  Själ products are ‘charged’ with precious minerals including gold, silver, copper, platinum and germanium in both liquid and solid form. Known as electro-stimulants, these minerals function as semi-conductors increasing cellular productivity, performance, repair and penetration while leveraging the effects of the other ingredients. We use gemstones and minerals in different ways: powder, colloidal, elixir and frequency. Powder is ground gemstones, colloidal is a liquid suspension with nano particles and frequency or an elixir is when a stone is programmed or blue printed into the substance, it can also be done through osmosis. Själ uses a platinum peptide complex with targeted platinum delivery system, this platinum delivery system was taken from a bio-tech cancer drug research group as they are using platinum and other precious minerals (which naturally vibrate at a higher frequency) to directly target weaker cells.  They incorporated this platinum delivery system with peptides to help target anti-aging. In addition to precious minerals, själ incorporates gemstones such as diamond, blue sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline, which promote increased cellular energy, microcirculation and clarity. Just like minerals, different stones have different properties.  For example, the sapphire is known for clearing, amethyst is known for healing, rose quartz is known for calming and circulation, malachite is known for protection.  We use gemstones and minerals that we feel are universally beneficial and complementary to our products.

This elevated frequency emitted from gemstones and precious minerals helps direct energy to specific areas of need, constantly adapting to your skin under any condition, allowing for maximum performance and benefits.

LL: The products feel incredibly luxurious to use. Was that an important element in creating them?

KP: Yes, of course, the entire experience of the product is important. From texture, to slip, to absorbency to overall feel on the skin.  We work with the purest ingredients and bases as we want the product to feel luxury as though its your your own skin, we want allow for the product to absorb so it can do its job.

LL:What do you think are the most important elements of an effective skincare regime?

KP: I think creating a well-round product as opposed to something one dimensional, the modern consumer does not have time for 15 serums, things need to be simple yet comprehensive with a multitude of minerals, proteins, vitamins, peptides, amino acids, botanicals, algae, etc.  Products need to be balanced yet effective.

LL:Your newest product, the Bio-Regeneratif Serum is absolutely amazing to use! How did you decide on the Malachite and gemstone blend?


KP: We are constantly being bombarded with EMFs and Radiation, we are electrical beings affected by electromagnetic pollution (mobile phones, computers, power grids, etc).   Electromagnetic pollution creates oxidative stress. Stress can lower our frequency and energy field making us more susceptible to illness and disease.  As gemstones naturally vibrate at a higher frequency they are healthy for our skin and body.  Malachite, for example, acts as a shield against EMFs and Radiation.  It protects the skin externally by balancing electrons and internally by stimulating the production of glutathione, our body’s most powerful detoxifier.  Our gemstone blend helps to provide enhanced cellular energy, microcirculation and skin clarity.

LL: How important do you think a serum is in your skincare regime? Should it be used once or twice per day?

KP: The most important part of a regimen as they can make the greatest impact, I always suggest twice per day.

LL: What’s next for Sjal?


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kristin for taking the time to answer my questions! I just find it so fascinating to learn about brands like Själ and see how individual they truly are! I’ve also been fortunate enough to try out the new Bio-Regeneratif Serum, and it’s amazing! So keep an eye out for my review!

Själ skincare is available from Harvey Nichols and from

Chloe – My Little Chloe*

My Little Chloe

When I got the chance to sample Chloe’s new range of My Little Chloe perfumes, I think the one I was most excited about was the original Chloe scent. If you’ve been anywhere near the internet, you’ve probably read how popular the perfume is, and how it’s a number of people’s holy grail fragrance. To say I was intrigued was an understatement!

My Little Chloe 1

The premise of My Little Chloe, is that it is a miniature, 20ml version of the original scent, packaged in the most darling of teeny glass bottles, complete with hand tied ribbon. The Chloe scent is finished with a blush bow, and I think I fell for it before I even got a sniff!

My Little Chloe 3

Chloe described their eponymous scent as luxurious and feminine, and I would have to agree! When I first apply the perfume, I get a whoosh of florals – the top notes of freesia and peony make it feel incredibly pretty and special to wear. Then, as the scent matures, it deepens a little thanks to the magnolia and rose heart notes. The very base notes of amber and cedarwood never become overpowering, but instead really warm the fragrance up as the day goes on.

My Little Chloe 2

The lasting power of Chloe is really impressive – I’ve been using a few squirts in the morning, and it has been more than enough to last through the day. It’s one of the rare fragrances I’ve tried, that when I wake up in the morning, I can still smell it in my hair! It’s a great choice if you like a fragrance to carry you from day to night too!

The My Little Chloe bottles are a perfect choice, if, like me, you want to be able to freshen up as the day goes on. Their dinky size means I have been popping them into my makeup bag, and they fit into the sleekest of clutches. They are also something of a conversation starter! I can’t tell you the number of people who have commented on how adorable the bottles are, and they are usually already Chloe fans!

Chloe My Little Chloe is priced at £35.00 and is available here

LiquiLift Bioactive Facial Mask at Harvey Nichols*

Liquilift Harvey Nichols 1

So my adoration of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Department isn’t exactly a secret. Show me a glossy hall chock-full of the most luxurious of products, and I’m there! But, what I think what really sets Harvey Nicks apart though, is the store’s dedication to finding amazing new products which are just waiting to become part of your skincare regime. The store’s newest acquisition is Liquilift – a brand new line of skincare which is a real world first!


The Liquilift Mask is described as a Bioactive Face Lift in a Jar, and in a word, it’s amazing! I was very kindly offered the chance to head over to Harvey Nichols last Thursday where I got to try out the mask, as well as chat to the brand’s awesome founder Tammy Hollis.

Liquilift Tatler

What I loved is how passionate Tammy is about the brand – she has a seriously impressive resume, and just chatting, you could sense how much work has gone into the products. Since she was little, you could say that Tammy has been more than a little obsessed with cosmetics and beauty – she slept with soaps under her pillow when she was little, and her sense of smell is so good, her mother tried to get her on Blue Peter identifying scents! Whilst she was at university, she studied Human Anatomy and Physiology, and debated whether to become a vet, or work in plastic surgery. Thankfully for us, she chose the latter! After working with reconstructive tattooing, as well as using vascular lasers, Tammy moved more into education and development for salon-only brands, and her work has taken her everywhere from Russia to Florida!

Liquilift Harpers Bazaar

She told me that Liquilift was originally intended for use only in salons, so the ingredients are incredibly pure as well as very active, and that you can use the Bioactive Facial Mask as an alternative to Botox! Of course I had to try it out! After cleansing, a layer of the mask was applied to my face and neck. At first there is the tiniest tingling sensation as the mask’s active ingredients travel into your skin. I won’t get too sciency (purely because I can’t explain it as well as Tammy did) but the active molecules penetrate skin, meaning the mask works inside, rather than being a topical cream. The mask is made of the purest ingredients, and the cucumber and aloe in it make it smell amazing!

Liquilift Vogue

I then lay back for forty minutes and chatted to Tammy about all things skincare whilst the mask got to work. I say chatted loosely – the formula begins to dry and tighten, so that five minutes in I could barely move. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, just kind of weirdly fun. To be honest, I just loved feeling that something was definitely happening to my face! After leaving the mask on for the recommended 40 minutes, I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin – it felt super smooth and soft. On Friday I could still see the difference – no puffiness, and my skin still felt lovely! What’s super exciting is that the mask works over time to help skin look younger, and if you’re suffering from sagging skin, this is the mask for you! It creates the most insane before and after photos – so it’s perfect if you’ve got something special planned!

Liquilift Harvey Nichols

As if a mask wasn’t enough Liquilift are in the process of expanding their product line to include a daily moisturiser as well as body strips. I was kindly gifted both, so I shall diligently try them out and report back! But my experience of the mask was amazing!

Liquilift Bioactive Facial Mask is available from Harvey Nichols and is priced at £90.00

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols and to Tammy for my treatment – it was awesome!



It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’m always trying to find the newest, most unusual products. And I think I may have just about outdone myself with Magicstripes. Basically, if you suffer from heavy or droopy eyelids, you need to check these transparent silicon strips out!

Magicstripes 2

Magicstripes come in two sizes – small and medium, and if you’ve not tried them out before, I would recommend grabbing both sizes, to make sure you find which size works best for you. In addition to working with eye size, the small strips are recommended for normal, sagging eyes, whilst medium strips are best for big eyes and drooping eyelids.

Magicstripes 1

Despite looking quite complicated to use, the strips are super easy to get the hang of! Before applying, it’s best to prime your eyelids by removing any oils. To do this, I swipe the lids with a toner-soaked cotton pad, then I pat the area dry. Afterwards, you just peel off one of the strips and position it directly in the crease of the eye. The strips have adhesive which then sticks to the lid, and the magic happens!

magic stripes how to apply-2

What I find incredible, is how subtle Magicstripes are. They feel almost weightless whilst on, and they make you look so well rested and alert. Thankfully, droopy eyelids are too much of a problem for me, but some members of my family (who, of course shall remain nameless) have become absolutely addicted to using them!

magic stripes before and after young

Magicstripes are priced at £18 for 64 strips, and you can find them at Harvey Nichols

Bella Freud 1970 Eau de Parfum*

Bella Freud 1970

I’ve been rather enamoured with Bella Freud’s knitwear for the past few years. I first spotted them on then Teen Vogue, now Glamour’s ever stylish Jane Keltner de Valle who wore the ‘Je t’aime Jane’ sweater with stylish aplomb. It is only my indecision over which slogan to plump for which leaves me sweater-less, but whilst I try and make my mind up, I’ve been falling rather in love with one of Bella Freud’s trio of fragrances – 1970.

Bella Freud 1970 Eau de Parfum

Launched last year, 1970 Eau de Parfum feels achingly cool to wear, and it’s unlike any other fragrance in my collection. It’s described as encompassing ‘the hedonistic spirit of the seventies,’ and it’s the most glorious summer perfume. With notes of Rose de Mai, saffron, frankincense, myrhh and benzoin with blonde woods, it’s an incredibly complex parfum, but also one which is incredibly more-ish!

Bella Freud 1970 Eau de Parfum 1

When I first apply the perfume, I get a big whoosh of rose notes, which are sweetened with patchouli, it’s an incredibly unusual combination, which feels at once light and very wearable. As the perfume warms up and matures, the notes of sandalwood and frankincense become clearer, and mingle with the rose. I’m obsessed with how well the perfume wears throughout the day – if I apply a few squirts in the morning, I can still smell it on me well into the evening. I’m absolutely obsessed!

Bella Freud’s 1970 Eau de Parfum is priced at £65.00 and is available from Harvey Nichols

Nails Inc Maddox Street*

Nails Inc Maddox Street

Even though we are slap-bang in the middle of Spring, I’m not quite ready to give up my dark pedicures. There is just something so glamorous-feeling about having a dark, shiny pedi, so in an attempt to pry myself away from my favourite blacks and navies, I’ve been adoring my newest Nails Inc polish in Maddox Street.

Nails Inc Maddox Street Swatch

Maddox Street is described as a gun metal grey shade, and it has a stunning micro silver glitter in the formula. The silver flashes really make the polish feel a bit special, and it looks so pretty when the light hits the polish!

Nails Inc Maddox Street Swatch 1

The formula of the polish was incredibly easy to work with – I used two coats to get a completely even and opaque coverage. The polish dried quickly as it feels almost like a jelly consistency. Because of the texture, it dried to a slightly rubberised look, so I used my trusty Chanel top coat (here) to create a high-shine finish. I’ve been wearing the polish for 3 days, with no sign of chipping, so it’s super long wearing for me!

Maddox Street costs £11.00 and you can find it in-store at Harvey Nichols, or online here.

Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate*

Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate

To say this weekend has been stressful is something of an understatement. On Thursday night, just as I was preparing to head out with friends, my car just died. No error messages, no previous issues, just a hideous grinding noise anytime I tried to turn on the ignition. 5 hours, 2 tow trucks then 3 days at the garage have left me with a car that’s in the process of having 2 timing chains replaced. It’s the biggest of jobs, but I’ve just found out that BMW are finally dealing with it (thank god!)!!! So, as you can imagine, I’ve been trying to unwind every way I know how!

Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate 2

I’ve been spending copious amounts of time in the bath, trying to keep my mind off everything, and Clarins’ Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate has been absolutely integral to being able to get to sleep at night. It comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle, and you can use it either in the bath or shower, depending on your preference. Since I love a good soak, I’ve been using it pretty much exclusively in the bath. While the water is running, I use a generous squeeze, and it creates mountains of the most glorious bubbles.

Clarins Bath & Shower Concentrate 1

The scent of the Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate is absolutely glorious! It’s quite herbal, but as soon as I get a sniff of it, I can immediately feel myself starting to unwind. Basil, Camomile and Petit Grain all combine to to create a scent which feels like it’s been taken directly from a fancy spa.

The bath and shower concentrate is priced at £19.00 and is available here.



So, I think it will come as a surpass to exactly nobody that I’m somewhat obsessed with skincare. I’ve applied eye creams religiously since I hit 18, and before that I was a regular raider in my mother’s skincare stash. But despite my all-too frequent skincare hauls, I’ve never found a product that was designed precisely for my age group. Anti-aging skincare always seems squarely aimed at those in the 30+ age group, and instead of preventing ageing, it’s normally trying to turn the clock back.


But that’s where SisleYouth is completely new! The cream has been designed for those who are around the age 25 and instead of fighting lines already ingrained, the cream works to increase skin youth through a pea extract, peptide-rich formula. It’s a perfect every-day moisturiser, as it feels lovely and light to apply, yet delivers a surprising amount of hydration. My usual dry trouble spots around my chin and nose feel soft and smooth after using the cream, and I can’t get enough of the calming lavender scent.

Siselyouth 1

Indeed, SisleYouth is one of the most advanced moisturisers I’ve come across, and I’ve really noticed an impressive difference since I’ve been using it daily. My skin looks so much fresher thanks to the powerful cocktail of active ingredients which includes kiwi, ginseng, buckwheat seed and ginkgo biloba extracts. These work to reverse the negative effects that stress and pollution tend to have on skin. It’s also really preps skin for perfect makeup application thanks to the natural extract derived from wheat sugars, which encourages the retention of water in the stratum corneum, smoothing any fine lines and wrinkles meaning your skin feels perfectly smooth and soft.

SisleYouth is priced at £118.00 and is available here

Kahina Giving Beauty Lemongrass Nettle Argan Soap*

Kahina Giving Beauty Lemongrass Nettle Soap

When it gets to this time of year, I would like my life to smell of citrus. It just feels so fresh and clean, and lately I cannot get enough of Kahina Giving Beauty’s stunning Lemongrass Nettle Argan Soap. Before I even get into the awesomeness which the soap, I’m more than a little obsessed with the packaging. Designed to emulate Moroccan tiles, the paper was created especially by Archive New York, and it feels so special unwrap!

Kahina Giving BEauty Lemongrass Nettle Soap 2

I’ve been a big fan of the brand for a while (I posted about the Argan soap trio here). The brand is all about making the very best possible products with the best ingredients sourced in Morocco, and as if that wasn’t enough, the brand work with the indigenous women. I love how positive the whole process is, and who doesn’t love positive karma beauty?!

Kahina Giving Beauty Lemongrass Nettle Soap 1

The Lemongrass Nettle Argan Soap is one of the yummiest soaps I’ve come across. The lemongrass smells beautifully clean and fresh, and before I had even unwrapped the bar, my whole room smelt absolutely heavenly. This is definitely what I call a morning product – it just smells so fresh and zesty, it really gets you up and going! Like all of Kahina Giving Beauty’s Argan Soaps, it’s gloriously chunky, and the bar is peppered with exfoliating grains which leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and looking healthy. The formula is made up of antioxidant-rich argan oil with olive, coconut and shea oils, which is basically the good skin trifecta!

Kahina Giving Beauty Lemongrass Nettle Argan Soap is priced at $18 and is available here