Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne*

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne

For me there are two types of beaches. One are the far flung ones of summer vacations, filled with the scent of sunscreen and heat. Where the sand is hot under my toes and days are long and lazy. The others are bracingly cold and crisp. I went to school and university near the beach, and whenever my friends and I were feeling stressed or in need of a little centering, the beach was our first stop. Jo Malone’s newest fragrance is inspired by the second sort of beach – there isn’t a floral note in the cologne, and it’s a unisex fragrance.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne-2

When first applied you get the crispness of Sea Salt – it’s almost as if you’ve taken a big gulp of cold air. It feels so light and clean, and it’s not like any other fragrance I’ve worn. Once the cologne heats up, the deeper, woodier notes become more noticeable.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne-3

It’s this darker side of the scent which makes it feel absolutely perfect for fall. I can just imagine getting wrapped up in the softest cashmere sweaters and then spritzing on the scent. The wear time is great too – I applied a couple of squirts in the morning, and by late afternoon, people were still asking what I was wearing!

Wood Sage and Sea Salt launches in September and will be priced at £40 for 50ml

HJ Manicure Nail Polish – Peach Blossom*

HJ Manicure Peach Blossom

The last couple of days have been somewhat hectic – I’ve had a million and one things on, so I needed a neutral polish which would keep me looking pulled together no matter where I was or what I was doing.

HJ Manicure Peach Blossom-2

It was a perfect excuse to try my newest acquisition, Peach Blossom by HJ Manicure. The polish is part of a new range by celebrity manicurist Helen J. Helen whose work has been featured in a million and one publications like Grazia and Cosmopolitan. The collection of colors available is really great – there are a number of darks, brights and nudes to choose from, and Helen J. Helen has also made sure that all of the polishes are non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan friendly.

HJ Manicure Peach Blossom-3

It was a hard choice between all of the gorgeous shades, but I am just in love with Peach Blossom. It’s a beautiful peachy-nude which is a step up from my regular neutral polishes. After applying a base coat, it only took two coats to create an even, opaque finish, and there was no issue with streaking or pulling. I’m completely obsessed with colour – it just feels so pretty and elegant on, and I love the fact that it’s such a healthy formula too!

The polishes cost £9.50 each and are available here.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner – Essential Brown & Black*

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black

I’m super fussy when it comes to eyeliners. I like rich colour and soft formulas, and I hate smudging. Since I tend to wear liners in my top waterline, I like a formula which sticks around and keeps my eyes defined all day.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black-2

When I got the chance to try Aerin’s newest Cool Gel Eyeliner in both Essential Brown and in Black, I jumped at the chance! I love the Aerin brand – it’s effortlessly glamorous, and all of the products I’ve tried go straight into my regular rotation.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black-3

I have to say, I think I fell in love with these two before I even got to swatching. They are so sleek looking and you just twist the bottoms to sharpen the pencils.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black-4

For the past few months I have really hopped on the brown eyeliner wagon. Since I’m blonde, it looks softer than my usually black, and I’m really into the ‘no makeup’ look right now.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black-6

The formula is velvety soft and smooth, and it coats my waterline in a single swipe. I’m obsessed with the cool brown colour which gives a perfect amount of definition to my eyes. I’m also obsessed with the slightly metallic finish – it gives my eyes another dimension.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black-5

When I’m getting more dressed up or formal, I still rely on black liners for a more dramatic look. Aerin’s offering is gorgeously inky, and the colour glided on smoothly and evenly.

Aerin Cool Gel Eyeliner Brown & Black-7

Like Essential Brown, Black has a slightly metallic finish which gives a lovely shine to eyes, and it is a great pencil for use when I’m amping up my look. I just can’t get over how incredible the formulas are!

The pencils will be released in September and will cost £19.00 each

Glossybox August 2014*

Glossybox August 2014 UK

This month marks Glossybox’s 3rd birthday (fun fact: they sell a beauty box every 12 seconds!) – so it’s an extra special box to celebrate!

Glossybox August 2014 UK-2

I know I say this every month, but I just love how Glossyboxes are packaged. The pink boxes are just so pretty, and who doesn’t love unwrapping parcels with ribbons? You can see the special 3rd birthday sticker too!

Glossybox August 2014 UK-3

As you can see, this is a super generous box – a full size cleanser, hand cream and highlighter as well as a travel sized Elasticizer, nail varnish and a tester of perfume are all tucked inside.

Glossybox August 2014 UK-4

The full-size Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk is a great way to start off the box. It’s a very generous 200ml, and it’s a lovely addition to my nighttime cleansing regime. After washing my face with a cleanser, I swipe a little of the milk over my face and neck with a cotton pad to make sure every scrap of makeup is gone. It has a lovely light texture with a gentle floral scent.

Glossybox August 2014 UK-5

It’s been a while since I’ve used Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer, and I forgot how much I like it! Before shampooing, I wet my hair and apply it to my ends and give it some time to work. When my hair is super dry and sensitized, I take it to the gym and slap a bit on before heading into the steam room. The weird looks are worth it. I’m left with soft hair which is shiny and feels super healthy.

Glossybox August 2014 UK-10

The Figs & Rouge hand cream is such a handbag staple. Mine has a fruity mango and mandarin scent, and it sinks in quickly, leaving my hands feeling silky smooth.

Glossybox August 2014 UK-7

Kryolan has created a special edition highlighter especially for Glossybox in a shade called Cashmere. I love the Glossybox logo on the lid, and it is the prettiest shell pink colour. It’s a great multipurpose product, and can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes. After I’ve applied my foundation and concealer, I like to tap a little across my cheekbones and eyebrow bones for a natural glowy look.

Glossybox August 2014 UK-8

The Yves Rocher nail polish is possibly the cutest, dinkiest bottle I own. The shade is called Rose, and it is a beautiful dusky pink.

Glossybox August 2014 UK-9

(Apologies for the blue nail in shot!) The formula applies smoothly, and I only needed two coats for it to be fully opaque. It’s a great transition colour for fall!

Glossybox August 2014 UK-6

Last up is a tester of Lalique’s L’Amour perfume. If you’re into big, heady florals and are looking for a new autumn scent I would definitely give this a sniff!

Boxes start at £10 plus pp, and you can subscribe here

OPI Sheer Tints – Be Magentale with Me

OPI Sheer Tints - Be Magental With Me

A couple of months ago I saw that OPI were bringing out a line of sheer coloured topcoat nail polishes and I wanted to try them so badly! I’ve been coveting the Dior sheer pink nail varnish, so when I saw Be Magentale With Me in the sale bucket at Sally Beauty, I knew I had to try it!

OPI Sheer Tints - Be Magental With Me-2

The polish itself is a beautiful bright strawberry pink, and it applies evenly to give nails a healthy sheen. The colour can also be intensified with a couple of extra coats. You can also layer this over a pink or white base coat depending on your mood. In my photos, the nails have 4 coats, and the colour is pretty bright!

Have you ever tried sheer polishes?

Kitsch Slogan Hair Ties*

Kitsch Hair Ties


You will probably know that I love Kitsch hair ties by now. They always have great colors and the sets are really fun! The newest ones are slogan themed – mine are breakfast themed, but you can get nerd ones as well as coffee ones. I had a few people round for brunch at the weekend, and my choice of hair ties were super appropriate!

The hair ties will launch in September and cost £4.00

FoM Bio Active Body Polish Balm*

FoM Bio Active Body Polish Balm

I’m not sure if anything grosses me out more than dry skin. I hate how it looks, and worse, how it feels. To make sure my knees and elbows are silky smooth, I’ve been reaching for FoM’s Bio Active Body Polish Balm.

FoM Bio Active Body Polish Balm-2

Packaged in a large, sturdy glass jar, the scrub is perfect to use in the morning due to it’s sweet citrusy scent. The formula is deliciously thick and rich, and I smooth it on my arms and legs before hopping into the shower. Since FoM make sure to use natural ingredients, sugar is used to gently slough skin, leaving it brighter and firmer after continued use. I’m a big fan of using sugar in scrubs, ever since I read that the little plastic beads some companies use can be an eco hazard. The oils in the scrub smell incredible, and they are all 100% pure and natural, and it leaves skin glowing after use.

The scrub costs £27.00 and is available here.

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour – Moonlight*

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour - Moonlight-3

Remember last week when I was sporting Liz Earle’s perfect summer shade Awakening? Well, the weather has turned, and I get the distinct impression, we’re heading quickly into fall. It’s because of this, I’ve turned the most beautiful blue-toned grey for my nails this week.

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour - Moonlight

Like Awakening, Moonlight’s formula is enriched with avocado and borage oils which help to maintain nail health as you wear the polish. It’s super clever stuff, and I’m obsessed with the colour. The blue tinged grey looks super chic on short nails, and since I’ve been in nothing but grey sweaters, it makes me feel nicely put together.

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour - Moonlight-2

The formula of the polish is pretty thin, so I needed 3 coats for a fully opaque finish, and it was super easy to apply since it seemed to self-level.

The polish is priced at £7.50 each and is available here.


Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colors*

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colours - Net a Porter

I’m sure I’m not the only one who changes their makeup with the seasons, in Summer, I ditch my foundations and powders, and favor sheer formulas and pops of lip colors. Thankfully, Ellis Faas must agree, as they have released the most glorious Summer Set of 3 Lip Colors which are exclusively available at Net-a-Porter.

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colours - Net a Porter-2

The set come in the brands’ signature silver bullet packaging – I love how chic they are, and they never get lost in my handbag or makeup pouches! The set of 3 colors cover you for every event you can think of – you get a juicy, sheer orange, a sultry red and a wear-everywhere nude. In a word? The set is perfection!

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colours - Net a Porter-3

The set is also a great way to grips with Ellis Faas formulas as all three are different. There is a Milky Lips, a Hot Lips and a Glazed Lips.

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colours - Net a Porter-5

First up is the Hot Lips gloss in Bright Red. It’s the most pigmented formula of the three, and it applies beautifully. The fuzzy tip allows precise application, and it dries down to not-quite-glossy finish and the lasting power is incredible!

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colours - Net a Porter-4

Next up is Glazed Lips in Sheer Orange. This is the summeriest of the three glosses, and it’s such a fun gloss to wear. I love a slick of this with a little bronzer and sheer shimmery golden eyeshadow. The orange shade is super flattering, and it’s a great change from my usual pinks and reds.

Ellis Faas Summer Set of 3 Lip Colours - Net a Porter-6

Last, but certainly not least is Milky Lips in Nude Pink. Unlike a lot of natural-colored glosses, Nude Pink is a high-pigment formula which is perfect if you’re looking for lipstick-gloss hybrid, and it is a great choice for a polished everyday look.

I am completely obsessed with the set, and I think it’s a great way to try out the Ellis Faas brand! It costs £69 and is available exclusively from

Weleda Iris Hydrating Masque*

Weleda Iris Hydrating Masque

This week, Weleda’s Iris Hydrating Masque has been a complete life saver. I should probably explain, having a beauty blog has a whole lot of pluses – I get to play around with wonderful products, and I love learning all about new products, but sometimes I come across products which have a less than great outcome. Case in point? The glycolic acid peel I was sampling last weekend. It was all good until Tuesday when, just before I was meant to head into a meeting, I realized my face had become super dry, and my skin started to look flakey. A quick pat of moisturizer and foundation was a quick fix, but when I got home, I knew I had to break out the big moisture guns.

Weleda Iris Hydrating Masque-2

After using a cleansing oil, to keep my skin as hydrated as possible I patted on a generous layer of the Weleda Iris Hydrating Masque and it was completely heavenly. The Masque has a lovely light, almost gel like texture and floral scent which my skin just sucked up. If you just need a quick shot of moisture, you can tissue your face after 10-15 minutes, but because my skin was so parched, I decided to just leave it on overnight.

Weleda Iris Hydrating Masque-3

I can’t even tell you what a difference the masque has made. Before using it, my skin felt super dry, tight and uncomfortable, and this really settles my skin, leaving it smooth and healthy feeling. It has completely healed my flaking skin, and I’ve been using it every night to keep everything calm and settled in light of my brush with facial acids.

The Iris Hydrating Masque costs £13.95 and is available here.