SK-II Facial Treatment Mask*

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Over the past couple of years, Korean skincare has really taken a hold of the beauty world. In the past, face masks have always just consisted of creams and gels which are applied and then washed off, leaving your skin either cleansed, hydrated or toned. I think SK-II was the first sheet mask I ever read about, and I’ve been dying to try them out ever since! facial-treatment-mask

After cleansing, I simply applied the mask and lay back. I have it admit, it’s hilariously terrifying, so it’s best to enjoy the mask in private. It couldn’t be easier to use though – the mask is comprised of cotton which has been soaked in Pitera™. This formula is designed to provide serious levels of moisturisation, resulting in a visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion. Before I used the mask, I popped it in the fridge for a few hours, and it felt lovely and soothing to enjoy. I left the mask on for a good half an hour, and when I took it off, my skin felt super calmed and smooth, and the next morning I could still really see the difference. Since the masks all come individually packaged, it means they are perfect for travelling, especially if like me, your skin freaks out the moment you hit 20,000ft!

SK-II Facial Treatment Masks are priced at £60.00 for a pack of 6 and are available here.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel*

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel

Over the past week or so, the weather has been absolutely crazy! One moment it’s pouring down with rain and then it’s grey, hot, and sticky. With all of these temperature changes, I can feel a little grim and grotty, which is why I’ve seriously been relying on what is possibly my favourite shower gel – Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante. This is the cleanest and zestiest way to start the morning, and it feels so luxurious to use. You only need to use the tiniest little squirt, and you get mountains and mountains of the most glorious scented bubbles which leave your skin feeling perfectly soft and refreshed. Every morning, using Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel also leaves my bathroom smelling incredible – it’s still scented with the citrus notes hours after I’ve showered, and I keep the experience going with a couple of squirts of Eau Dynamisante spray.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel is priced at £19.00 and is available here.

Chanel Les Beiges Collection

DSC_0649Chanel are really hitting it out the park with summer with their limited edition releases. When I saw the Les Beiges Collection yesterday, I couldn’t help myself!


The whole collection is based on beautiful nudes, and I just had to treat myself to a couple of pieces – I picked up a Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powder (Limited Edition), Glossimer Lip Gloss, Hydrating Lip Balm (Limited Edition) and Le Vernis Nail Colour in Beige Rose.

I’ll be sharing my reviews of the products super soon, so stay tuned!

Belsazar Vermouth Masterclass at Harvey Nichols*

Belsazar Vermouth Masterclass

As a rule, I’m not the world’s biggest drinker. I’m able to nurse a drink or two throughout an evening, and I usually go for something simple and uncomplicated when I choose to imbibe. I’m not sure I’d ever even looked at a bottle of vermouth before, so when I was kindly invited to a masterclass with exciting new brand Belsazar at Harvey Nichols led by the incredibly knowledgable Fliss, I knew I couldn’t refuse!

Harvey Nichols Belsazar

If, like me, you’re not too familiar with the tipple – vermouth is a fortified wine which originally started out as something of a medicine. Typically it’s found in cocktails like Negronis and Americanos, although Belsazar is creating a vermouth which can be used in classic concoctions as well as just sipped on its own with a little ice. We started the evening learning about the history of vermouth, and quickly got round to tastings – Belsazar is a German company, and get their grapes from the South Baden region. The company use only the highest quality, and carefully blend the wines with brandy and a touch of botanicals for flavour. Belsazar are the only people to produce German vermouth, and it’s such a discovery! We first tried all of the four variations (Dry, Red, Rosé and White) making sure to really notice their scents and flavour notes, I was seriously surprised at how delicious all four were!

Belsazar Vermouth

 We started with the Dry, which had notes of chamomile tea and fruit thanks to the inclusion of apricot brandy in the mix. We then moved onto the Rosé which was delicious! I think this one was my favourite thanks to creamy and fruity notes in it. Since it has the lowest alcohol content, it’s perfect for sipping on summer evenings, and it was absolutely delicious when mixed with ice, tonic water and a twist of grapefruit. My whole table thought it just tasted so light and refreshing, I think we all pledged to buy a bottle! Next up was the White, which is probably the most traditional of Belsazar’s vermouths. The refreshing and fruity notes would be a perfect accompaniment to spicy and oriental dishes, and it was incredibly refreshing when mixed as part of a classic martini. We finished up by tasting the Red vermouth. By far, this had the fullest and spiciest flavour, and when sipped alone it just tasted like mulled wine and Christmas. I think my most unexpected find of the evening came courtesy of the Red vermouth mixed as part of an espresso martini. When combined, the Red gave the cocktail a delicious depth of flavour, whilst the notes of cinnamon and cloves really sparkled with the coffee notes, in a word, it was incredible!

Prior to the masterclass, I’d never really considered vermouth as a drinks option. Usually I just go for something like a G&T or glass of champagne, but I’m a complete convert! Thankfully, the Harvey Nichols Forth Floor bar is already stocked up with Belsazar, whilst the Food Department will soon be filled with all four varieties of the vermouth available for purchase. I think I’m going to start with the Rosé whilst the weather is nice, and start experimenting with some mixes!

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols and Belsazar for inviting me! You can find Belsazar vermouth here

Perfume Society – Blossom Box*

Perfume Society Blossom Box

I always feel like the summer is a great time to change up my perfume. I feel like I want something light and fresh, and I’m always up for trying new brands and companies out. Obviously the clever people at the Perfume Society, and have released their gorgeous Blossom Box right in time for summer!

Perfume Society Blossom Box 2

The Perfume Society’s box are a new take on subscription boxes, and concentrate almost totally on fragrance samples. The Blossom Box had a wonderful selection of familiar brands such as Chloe and Jimmy Choo as well as lesser known companies like Agonist and and Ruth Mastenbroek. As well as a bumper selection of perfumes, there is also a lovely beauty treat in the form of Elemis’ British Botanical Shower Cream.

Perfume Society Blossom Box 1

The boxes come beautifully packaged, complete with fragrance blotters and informative postcards relating to all of the scents. It’s a great way to find new favourites (I think mine is Ruth Mastenbroek’s Amorosa) as well as remember some old faithfuls!

Perfume Society’s Blossom Box is priced at £15.00 and is available here.

Essie Saltwater Happy*

Essie Saltwater Happy

I’m slowly but surely making my way through Essie’s summer 2015 collection, and I have to say, every single shade is a winner! My latest colour-crush is Saltwater Happy, a stunning blue creme polish which just sparks images of miles of ocean and is begging to be worn on the beach!

Essie Saltwater Happy 1

Described as a sugar sweet atlantic blue, Saltwater Happy is a stunning cool toned periwinkle which has slight lilac or grey undertones depending upon the light. I was pleasantly surprised with the formula, which applied smoothly and evenly, and was completely opaque in two coats.

Essie Saltwater Happy Swatch

I finished off my manicure with a slick of topcoat, and I’ve been good to go for the past 2 days without a chip. I’m in love with the chambray blue colour as it just feels so fresh and clean!

Essie’s Saltwater Happy is priced at £7.99 and is available in-store at Boots now!

Xen-Tan Mist Intense*

Xen Tan Mist Intense

Naturally, my skin sits somewhere between porcelain and paper white. It doesn’t really bother me too much, but when summer hits, I like to get a bit of colour. I never go too dark – my preference is a nice golden glow that looks healthy rather than baked.

Xen Tan Mist Intense 1

Xen-Tan’s Mist Intense is perfect if, like me, your after a wash of colour, but have somewhat klutzy tendencies. Rather than having to play around with foams, creams and gels, the Mist Intense only needs a couple of squirts to dispense the colour. It’s genius, and I especially appreciate it when I’m tanning areas like my back, shoulders and legs. Since the Xen-Tan Mist Intense is the darkest shade offered, I feel like it has some slimming properties too!

Xen Tan Mist Intense 2

After a thorough shower exfoliation, I use the Mist Intense on my legs, and all over the back of my body. The spray nozzle is super easy to use, and it disperses the formula evenly, meaning I don’t have to worry about being a streaky mess in the morning. After I’ve sprayed on the tan, I like to buff it in using the Xen-Tan Tanning Mit (review to come). Unlike a lot of tanning formulas, this has a sweet vanilla scent which isn’t too strong, and I just love the fact that the tan develops in about three hours! Another major plus is that Xen-Tan’s Mist Intense lasts for about a week, so I don’t have to worry about looking pale for days at a time!

Xen-Tan is on offer right now for £19.20 normally £24.00 and is available from M&S Beauty

Helly Hansen W Active Headband*

 Helly Hansen Active Headband

I can’t really believe that we’re nearing the end of June, although I am relishing the long nights which mean I have ample time to get out and about to enjoy the golden light.

Helly Hansen Active Headband 1

To keep me looking tidy, and to brighten my otherwise monochromatic workout gear, I’ve been loving Helly Hansen’s W Active Headband in Neon Pink. It looks so bright and fun, and it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. After securing my hair in a high ponytail, I just pop the band on. It’s super stretchy, so it fits my big head comfortably, and thanks to the double straps it stays in place, and keeps all my flyways neat and tidy.

Possibly the best thing about this awesome hairband? It’s only £ 8.00 and it’s available here.

Molton Brown Thickening Shampoo*

Molton Brown Thickening Shampoo

So Father’s Day hits us tomorrow, and if you’re still scrambling for a gift idea – head to Molton Brown stat! I’ve already given you a sneak peek at their amazing eye roller here, an awesome moisturiser here and a luxurious fragrance here and if you package all these treats into a hamper with a bottle of something lovely, you’ve got yourself quite the gift basket! My final idea is Molton Brown’s wondrous Thickening Shampoo.

I’m pretty sure men always want more hair, it’s the same way they collect watches and wine, so to keep everything looking lush, Molton Brown has just released their new Thickening Shampoo. First of all, this stuff smells divine – the shampoo is blended with ginger extract to volumize fine hair, and it has a gorgeous true ginger scent. It’s not sweet or cloying, just very clean with a hint of warmth, basically exactly how you want your hair to smell. The volumising properties are no joke either. After using the shampoo, my hair felt nourished and looked shiny, and despite just giving it a rough blow dry, it had volume which lasted all day.

Molton Brown’s Thickening Shampoo is priced at £18.00 and is available here.

Tie Me London Hair Ties*


If I’m going to be completely honest, on 99% of days, my hair ends up in a ponytail. No matter how much I blow out, straighten, serum and shine spray in the mornings, by around 2pm, I can’t bear my hair whipping around my face any longer.


Tie Me London, is making my afternoon ponytails look way more intentional (and glamorous) thanks to their stunning hair tie bracelet hybrid which is studded with a Swarovski® crystal in a 22 carat casing! The ribbon also means that my hair isn’t left all weirdly kinky, so if I’m in the mood to wear my hair down later on, all my styling hasn’t been in vain!


Thanks to a wardrobe of four colours (black, navy, olive and pink) there is always going to be a hair tie that matches what I’m wearing, and they are such a fun way to keep looking slick and polished throughout the day.


When my hair it down, my Tie Me London looks like a cute ribbon bracelet, and looks adorable when stacked with a pile of bangles. They are also one of my summer must haves – I can’t bear wearing my hair down in the heat, and these Tie Me London ties look so pretty in my hair. The Swarovski® crystal is super sparkly in the sun, and the 22 karat casing feels incredibly luxe!

Tie Me London hair ties cost £10.00 each and are available here.