CACI Micro-Touch Facial at Edinburgh’s Moi Beauty*

When it comes to wellness, or enjoying a bit of a pamper, I’m not sure you can do much better than a really great facial. Lying down for an hour or two, treating your skin to the best products and not looking at a phone for an extended period of time is pretty much my idea of heaven, so when CACI got in touch to invite me to one of their signature facials in Edinburgh’s Moi Salon, I jumped at the chance.

Nestled in the heart of the city’s Morningside, Moi Beauty has been grooming the capital’s ladies for 18 years – it’s a gorgeous space, with a veritable rainbow of polishes for manicures and pedicures, and cosy treatment rooms tucked away from the hustle and bustle – ideal for enjoying a little r&r.

Moi Beauty couldn’t be more experienced when it comes to CACI facials – they have been offering the traditional tool-based experience for years, and now they are among a select number of salons to offer the new Micro-Touch facial. Rather than metal rods administering a muscle-tightening buzz, the facialist wears specially designed gloves which do the same thing – a genius tweak which makes all the difference when it comes to the experience.

Heading in on a rather rainy Saturday, it was an absolute treat to get tucked up in one of the salon’s cosy treatment rooms. After enjoying a thorough cleanse, salon owner Claire got to work with the new gloves – focusing on muscle lift, tension release, deep tissue relaxation. In short, it was heavenly. Whilst the treatment delivers a more sculpted, toned, enhanced facial definition, the use of gloves lets you enjoy a truly relaxing experience too.

Prior to starting, Claire warned I might see lights or experience a metallic taste due to the microcurrent, but all I had were a few flashes, and the slight buzz felt great. Over the best part of an hour, I enjoyed the facial massage, whilst CACI’s microcurrents got to work lifting and toning.

CACI-provided sample photo

The result was a facial which not only left me feeling wonderfully relaxed but looking a whole lot better too. I really noticed an increase of definition in my cheeks and around my jawline, and my skin felt tighter and tauter too. The results improve with continued use, so the ideal scenario is to treat yourself to a course of regular treatments. It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking to look and feel a bit fresher (and really, who isn’t?!) and I love the fact that the microcurrent doesn’t only feel wonderful, but it’s stimulating muscles too. I can’t tell you how heavenly my treatment was, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy weekend!

Moi Beauty’s CACI Micro Touch Facial is priced at £52 for a 50 minute treatment, and more information is available at

Thank you Moi Beauty & CACI for the experience.

Kloris CBD Superboost Oil*

When it comes to skincare, one of my favourite products to use has to be facial oils. There’s nothing better at the end of the day than a really thorough cleanse and then following up with a super nourishing oil. As someone with dry skin, they are a complete must for hydration levels, but the more I learn about lymphatic drainage massage, facial cupping and how best to use a gua sha, the more I reach for the oils.

Recently, I’ve been using the Kloris Superboost CBD Face Oil. It combines the hydrating powers of squalene and cucumber seed oil with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil so not only does it nourish and hydrate skin, but it works as an anti-inflammatory too! So for evenings when I’ve been stressed out, or I’ve had treatments like brow threading, it’s wonderful for cooling and calming skin, and when used with a facial tool – it’s heavenly.

Now that we’re heading into spring, I’ve also been reaching for it to thin down facial bases, leaving foundations soft and glowy. You can even pat a drop or two onto the high points of the face to give a subtle sheen.

Kloris Superboost CBD Face Oil is priced at £30 and is available here

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Scottish Fine Soaps

I know it’s not always the trendiest thing to admit, but I love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s adorable to see everything plastered in love hearts, and I think it’s lovely to show the people you care about just how much they mean to you. Obviously Scottish Fine Soaps agree, as this February you can enjoy a rather fabulous 30% off which is perfect if you’re looking to gift some luxe goodies to the ones you love.

There is a seriously impressive line up of products to pick – from eau de toilettes to gift sets, there’s truly a present for everyone. I’m a big believer in treating yourself too – so the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous treats like Scottish Fine Soap candles, hand creams and body washes feels too good to miss!

You can find Scottish Fine Soaps’ Valentine’s Day edit here.

A Fresh Start with Waken*

When it comes to dental products, I’m pickier than most. A few years ago, I had the worst breakouts around my mouth. They were so uncomfortable, and they looked horrendous, and no amount of lotions, potions or medications made any sort of difference. Then I read about SLS – an ingredient which is in the majority of toothpastes, and can cause serious skin upset. I cut it out of my daily routine then and there, and ever since, I’ve not needed to worry about breakouts, which is such a relief!

My new favourite dental brand, Waken is completely SLS-Free, and not only is it a pleasure to use, but it’s absolutely beautiful to look at too! Founded in 2019, it’s a brand who champion great quality products and fantastic prices (and they’re seriously eco-minded too). The Toothpastes (I’ve tried the Peppermint and the Spearmint varieties, and they’re absolutely wonderful) come in chic metal tubes which are completely recyclable, and use natural extracts and fluoride to clean teeth and freshen breath. Alongside the tubes, you can get a key which makes sure not a drop of the toothpastes go to waste. Their mouthwashes are similarly impressive. Like the toothpastes, Waken’s mouthwashes use natural extracts to freshen breath, and they’re the loveliest way to start and end each day. There are nine flavours to choose from, so even if you’re not a mint fan, you’re covered. They even sell the chicest little mouthwash aluminium cup so you know you’re using the right amount (with no unnecessary waste each time).

Waken Products are available here

Eteaket Festive Gifting*

I feel like we’ve entered the real countdown to Christmas, with a week to go there’s still more than enough time to nail that perfect present, but we don’t have the luxury of pondering our purchasing. Happily, Edinburgh’s favourite tea emporium, Eteaket have come to our rescue with a variety of festive gifting ideas which put Santa to shame this Christmas.

In a stroke of genius, Eteaket have partnered up with the fabulous Scottish Ballet to produce a trio of teas inspired by Christmas favourite, The Nutcracker. Obviously the past two years have wreaked havoc on the performing arts, so Eteaket will donate 10% of sales to help support the Ballet Company – a fantastic initiative, which will help ensure many more magical Christmas performances of the much-loved classic!

Before I even get started on this year’s teas, I should probably mention how much I love their seasonal blends. I think it was the pumpkin spice which kicked everything off, but Erica, the brains behind Eteaket really knows what she’s up to. The loose blends mix teas with dried fruitpeel, flower petals and all sorts of niceties to create the most perfect cup of tea, and this year’s offerings are no different. I kicked things off with The Nutcracker – black tea which blends cinnamon, cocoa, and sunflower petals. I drink all teas black, and this is absolutely divine – all warm and toasty notes which are pitch perfect for cold winter mornings.

The Waltz of the Flowers has become my go-to for busy afternoons. Working from home means that I’m looking at computer screens for hours at a time. Whilst I’ve invested in blue light glasses, it’s still nice to take a break and enjoy 15 minutes to myself, and that’s where the Waltz of the Flowers blend comes in. An infusion which includes hibiscus, chamomile and rose with a sprinkling of sweet apple & blackcurrant pieces, I’m obsessed with how chunky this loose leaf blend is, and it’s an absolutely perfect treat when I want to enjoy some me-time. Thanks to the fruity flavours, it’s absolutely delicious enjoyed cold – I brew some in the evening, and then pop it in the fridge. It means that when I’m thirsty, and want something different from water, I’ve got a real treat waiting for me.

The Sugar Plum Fair tea is another must-try from the trio. Surprisingly fruity, it mixes green tea with fruit, hibiscus and orange peel for a flavour which is truly inspired by the season. Another delightfully chunky blend, I love seeing the ribbons of dried orange peel and cranberries as it steeps. With flavour notes inspired by stewing plums, it’s another absolute winner, with a sweet kick (but no sugar) for when you need a little pick-me-up.

If you’re not the biggest tea drinker (or perhaps you need a last minute Secret Santa gift), I’m absolutely obsessed with Eteaket’s festive tea crackers. All beautifully packaged, the crackers contain 5 2.5g sachets of Eteaket’s favourite blends, meaning you’re giving the gift of 5 (rather fabulous) tea breaks.

As if all the teas weren’t festive enough, Eteaket also have this absolutely adorable Santa hat Infuser. Enough for a single cup, this has been working overtime as I’ve been sampling all the delicious goodies. Made of stainless steel and silicon, it just slides onto the side of your cup or mug, gently infusing the hot water. It fits a teaspoon of your favourite blend, and is an adorable (and eco-friendly) way to make sure you get the best from your blends.

Eteaket have a fabulous range of Christmas gift ideas which are available online and in-store. You can find out more here.

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