Wahaca Edinburgh*


When Edinburgh’s new Wahaca threw their doors open for the first time last week, I knew I had to check it out! Not only is it one of the city’s newest haunts, but it’s also the first Wahaca north of the border.


Located just off St. Andrews Square, it couldn’t be a more central location, and it was the perfect spot to sneak into after a long day at work. The restaurant itself is far bigger than I expected – spread over two floors; it was packed, despite our visit being pretty early on a Thursday evening.


We were seated upstairs, and got to soak in the atmosphere. With Latin music pumping, and the staff buzzing around, it felt like we were somewhere rather more glamorous than cold and rather damp Edinburgh!



The menu is pretty vast, and caters to pretty much everything you can think of – whether you’re in for a quick bite, or a bit of a feast, you can order as much or as little as you like. There’s even a tapas-esque section filled with morsels to savour if you fancy a bit of mix-and match in your supper!


As we pondered our dinner choices, one choice I didn’t have any trouble with was my drinks order! I’m a fan of a margarita (frozen or otherwise) and opted for a Classic (£7). Served icy cold, it was an absolute delight – sharp lime and smooth tequila was a heavenly and classic combination.


We started off with a couple of sharing dishes. Obviously we couldn’t miss guacamole, and the inclusion of Frijoles was a new one to us, so we ordered a tub of that too!


The Guacamole and Tortilla Chips (£4.50) was great mash-up of zesty and creamy, just as you want from the green stuff! Wahaca make their guac fresh daily. With chilli, lime juice and coriander, it was a flavourful way of kicking off the meal!


Our order of Frijoles & Tortilla Chips (£3.50) was an unexpected delight. Comprising of twice-cooked black beans and chorizo, it was incredibly flavourful and satisfying. Paired with the crispy tortilla chips, it was the perfect accompaniment to my margarita and started the meal off beautifully.


Then we got onto the mains. Neither of us could resist the British Steak the Mexican Way (£12.95) which promised an overnight-marinated Bavette steak with a crisp cheese, green rice and salad. It’s one of my favourite cuts of steak to cook at home – and happily Wahaca’s didn’t disappoint!


It was an incredibly generous portion, and an absolute riot of colour on the plate. The meat was cooked to medium-rare perfection, tender and so flavoursome. It paired well with the green rice, and extra crunch was added to the salad with a sprinkling of seeds and slices of tortilla chips.


Suitably stuffed by the meal, we couldn’t even contemplate pudding, but with options like freshly made churros served with warm chocolate sauce (£4.25) and salted caramel ice cream (£4.25) we were incredibly tempted!

Thank you to Wahaca for having us!

Fail-Safe Christmas Gifts Your Fussy Friends Will Love

We all have friends in our lives who are notoriously difficult to buy for. They might be picky about what they like, or they might not give you any ideas of what you could buy them. This can make Christmas shopping particularly difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to shop around. As Christmas is only a matter of weeks away, it’s likely that you’re already panicking about what you can buy them. But there really is no need to start stressing. Here are some fabulous fail-safe Christmas gifts that even your fussiest friend will adore.



Gift cards

A gift card can give your fussy friend the freedom to choose what they want to buy and receive from you. But many people consider them to be impersonal. While this can be true, you can make this gift more personal if you want to. You can choose a gift card that your friend can use in their favourite clothing or music store. If they adore drinking coffee, a Starbucks gift card could be something they enjoy using. You could also consider buying them movie or restaurant gift cards which they can use to unwind after work. Start researching gift cards that relate to your friend’s hobbies or interests to make the best decision possible.

Subscription box

Subscription boxes continue to rise in popularity and now come in more varieties than ever before. From makeup to books, no matter what interests your friend has there’s bound to be a subscription box that will excite them. Think carefully about what your friend enjoys doing in their spare time and use this to influence your search. You will also need to consider the type of subscription you want to sign up for. You can choose to buy a one-time subscription box or pay for your friend to receive them throughout the year. The great thing about these boxes is that your friend will never know what they are going to get. This can add to their excitement while also introducing them to new brands and products.



Christmas hampers

Christmas hampers are another excellent gift option for the fussy friend in your life. You have the option to buy them pre-made or make them yourself. This will obviously be influenced by how much available time you have. Like the two previous gift ideas, you will need to carefully consider their tastes and interests. If they love food, a hamper filled with their favourite festive snacks in could be a possible option. For movie lovers, you can create or buy hampers with Popcorn, DVD’s and sweets in. Music fans will appreciate a hamper filled with wireless speakers, CD’s and vinyls. There is guaranteed to be a hamper out there that your friend will love to receive and use. You just need to pick the right one.

These gift ideas can help take all the stress out of your Christmas shopping, particularly when buying for fussy friends. They can be useful and enjoyable as well as being gender neutral. So whether you’re buying for your best girl or guy friend, these gifts are bound to do down a treat.

Why Your Next Trip Should be a Bike Trip

If you’re thinking of taking a trip, why not make it a bike trip? It could be a big cross-country trip. Or you could explore a smaller region in a more in-depth way. If you’re still unsure about the idea, here are some reasons why it’s the kind of trip you should take next.

You Can See Locations from the Best Perspective

Seeing great natural landscapes from the saddle of your bicycle is one of the best things about this kind of trip. There is nothing quite like seeing a mountain or a lake as you cycle by with the wind blowing past you. You become fully immersed in the natural experience in a way you wouldn’t otherwise be.

It’s a Healthy and Green Way to Travel

When you take a bike ride, you will be the one motoring forward. And that means that you’ll be pushing your body and becoming healthier with each mile you ride. That’s not something you can say about most trips and holidays. And you will also be traveling the green way. No fossil fuels are burnt when you’re in the saddle.


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You Won’t be Stuck in One Spot

Getting stuck in one spot can be boring and frustrating. But that’s what often happens when you take a trip somewhere. When you’re on your bike, however, you’re constantly moving. You can go your own way and take whichever turn appeals to you most. You can make up your route as you go along, which offers you plenty of freedom.

You’ll Get Off the Beaten Track

Getting off the beaten track can be a lot of fun. If you are used to going to the same tourist destinations, it can all get a little boring after a while. Before long, you are itching to see and do something fresh and interesting. And that’s exactly what a good bike trip allows you to do. You don’t have to stick to the things that the tourist guides say. You can go your own way and explore in whichever way you want to.

Your Cycling Skills Will Improve Massively

By the time your bike trip comes to an end, you will be a much better cyclist. When your only way of getting around is by bike, you can learn skills and become a better rider than you ever imagined. As long as you get bicycle insurance before you leave, there is nothing wrong with relying on your bike to get you to where you want to go. In fact, it’s the very best way of getting around.

It’s a Huge Adventure

When you take a bike trip, you get the chance to go on a big adventure. That’s a lot of fun, and it can be a completely new way of exploring a place. You don’t need to follow any rules or do what any tour guide tell you to. Instead, you’ll be free to go where you want whenever you want. You don’t even have to stick to the places where your car can get to, which opens all kinds of options.


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Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick – Uber Nude*


When Bobbi Brown’s brand new Wine & Chocolate collection popped through the letterbox, it’s fair to say that I got a little giddy. It’s the first of the Christmas collections to arrive, and I have to say, it’s a good one!


The collection has three new shades of the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colors – Tawny, a rich brown; Your Majesty, a saturate wine shade, and Uber Nude, a warm natural which is the stuff of dreams.


Uber Nude is the first of the brand’s Luxe Lip Colors that I’ve tried, and I have to say, I’ve fallen more than a little in love with them! They’re basically everything you hope for when you crack into a new lippy – beautiful colour, great colour payoff, good wear time and they even feel balmy on the lips!


Uber Nude is basically the culmination every neutral-lip wish you’ve made ever. It’s a warm, pinky shade which is incredibly easy to wear. During the day it’s the perfect shade for an effortlessly chic makeup look. Paired with a natural, smudgy brown eyeshadow, it’s wonderfully subtle, and adds a hint of polish to a deceivingly simple look. Then, at night, it’s the ideal counterpoint for a more dramatic eye. Dark, smoky shadow looks so chic when paired with Uber Nude, and I have to say, I couldn’t be more in love!

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color is priced at £25

Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream*


When it comes to winter skincare, one of the most important purchases you can make is a great hand cream. As the temperature drops, my hands just get drier and drier, so I’ve been on the lookout for something which will keep my poor digits soft and smooth all winter long. Thankfully, Jo Malone have come to my rescue with their brand new Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream.


Packaged, as one might expect from the brand, in a super chic tube, the hand cream is everything you would wish for. It’s the ideal cream for popping in my handbag, as it’s super sleek, and it’s a great cream for on the go! Even though it feels super nourishing and moisturising to use, it’s super lightweight, and is absorbed super easily!


I’m absolutely in love with the scent – the delicate geranium is layered with the warmer notes of walnut, leaving my hands smelling and feeling wonderful. It’s a perfect little afternoon refresher, and, I hate to mention the ‘C’ word, but it would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!

Jo Malone Geranium and Walnut Hand Cream is priced at £22 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Toni & Guy Halloween Hair Accessories*


Anyone that knows me, knows that this week is pretty my my favourite of the year! For me, I just adore the run-up to Halloween – it’s probably my favourite out of all the holidays, and I’ve been known to be a little OTT in my celebrations. When I lived in Dubai I forked out the equivalent of about £50 for pumpkins to decorate my balcony, and I’ve had more Jack-O-Lantern manicures than you can imagine!  This year, I’m planning a few spooky-themed outfits, so of course, I’ve been on the look out for the best Halloween accessories available!


I’ve fallen absolutely in love with the Black Widow hair clip from Tony & Guy, which might just be the most glamorous Halloween accessory in my arsenal. The big black jewels are super chic, and I love the tiny little crystals. They glint and glisten in the light, and honestly, I’m just obsessed!


I’m also crushing pretty hard on Tony & Guy’s Pretty in Punk ear cuff. If you’re going for a harder, punkier look for the holiday – this is the accessory for you! It couldn’t be easier to wear either – you just kind of hang the suff around the back of your ear, then pin the chains into your ponytail or updo.


The Pretty in Punk Cuff looks super fun on, and it’s such an effortless way to update your look. It’s not too costume-y either, so I think it would look absolutely gorgeous with a super simple outfit and cute ponytail!

Toni & Guy’s Black Widow hair slide is priced at £16 while the Pretty In Punk Ear Cuff is £12.50. They’re both available here.

Bliss Mask-a-Peel*


So it’s more than fair to say that I’ve got something of a fascination with Korean skincare. I’ve been collecting sheet masks for the past year or so and slap one on at least once a week. I’m obviously not the only one – Bliss have just released their take on the rubberising mask (which the currently the mask that’s taking Asian skincare by storm!)

Rather than being packaged in your typical tube or tub, Mask a-‘peel’ comes in the form of three little pots, which look like they should have a yoghurt inside. There is also a branded spatula included, which is crucial in getting your mask assembled!


Mixing up the mask couldn’t be easier. After cleansing my skin, I filled one of the little pots with mineral water  (the pots have a little indentation to show you where to fill it, and you don’t need to use distilled water but it’s a lovely treat) and got stirring. The mask is just a finely milled powder, so once water is added, it’s easy to stir it into a super smooth paste. Once it has turned smooth, it’s time to slap it on. Bliss recommend applying the mask using the spatula, but I found it a touch messy. Fingers are fine – and there is a lot of mask to play with!

Since you’re going to be peeling it off, it’s meant to be layered up, but I had more than enough to apply all over my face, neck and décolletage with some left over. Then, I had twenty minutes to kill while the mask dried. Since it can be a bit goopy and messy, I found it easier to just grab a magazine and hop in the bath. After about 15 minutes, the mask was mostly set, and it was fully dry after 20. Since you apply it thickly, it’s incredibly easy to peel off, and it came off in pretty much a single go! My skin felt soft and smooth, and looked far brighter. I followed up with a good dose of moisturiser and applied my makeup as normal. I felt like I needed less foundation and concealer than normal, and it lasted without touchups all day!

Bliss Mask a-‘Peel’ is priced at £20 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Personalised Nutella – only at Harvey Nichols!


So I think it’s safe to say – Nutella is pretty much everyone’s dirty little secret. There’s nothing quite like a thick schmear of it on a hunk of freshly toasted bread. And I’m not sure you can even think about visiting Paris without inhaling a crepe covered in the stuff.


Now though, Harvey Nichols are taking Nutella love to a whole new level! You’ve got until December 10th to grab a jar for yourself (or a loved one) and see the label printed before your very eyes! The Nutella personalisation service will also travel to Harvey Nichols stores in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Knightsbridge.


  • Bristol (19 October – 31 October)
  • Birmingham (1 November – 14 November)
  • Edinburgh (15 November – 10 December)
  • Leeds (26 November – 10 December)
  • Manchester (11 December – 24 December)
  • Knightsbridge (mid-November through to 24 December)

A personalised jar will cost £5 (0r £8 in gift wrapped)

Kerastase Bain Satin 1


I’m not sure about you, but there are a few products which I’ve used for absolutely years, and I can’t be without. When I say I’ve had a bottle of Kerastase’s Bain Satin 1 in my closet since childhood, it’s no lie – my mother used to send me to swim class with a bottle of it in my gym bag! Having thick, wavy hair before straighteners were such a big thing meant that frizz was (and still is) the enemy so using a product which really nourished ends was a must have!


Now, with ends which have been all too damaged by bleach and heat styling, every third or so wash, I find myself reaching for the familiar ivory and orange bottle. The formula is incredibly rich and nourishing, and it foams beautifully. I only need a 10p sized blob to thoroughly wash my hair. I then follow up with a Kerastase hair masque. It’s an integral part of my haircare routine, and I can’t see that changing any time soon!

Kerastase Bain Satin is priced at £17.90 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

The Wet Brush*


If you have long hair, chances are, the minutes after washing your hair are some of the grimmest in the day. There’s nothing worse than trying to wrestle wet hair into some semblance of order, and if you’re too rough, you can really damage already weakened ends.


As I’m on something of a hair health-kick (trying to undo years of blending damage is tough!) I’ve been absolutely religious in my use of the Wet Brush. Every morning, after my regular wash and conditioning, I use it to to get rid of all of the knots, and smooth everything down.


Since the Wet Brush bristles are so long and bendy, they don’t tug or snag on hair. Instead, within a few passes, the brush completely tames my ends, and they’re ready for a slick to styling lotion. The added plus is the gorgeous selection of colours and patterns the Wet Brush comes in. I’m obsessed with this baby pink colour, but you can also get brights, neons, and even animal prints!

The Wet Brush is priced at £11.99 and is available here (UK) and here (US)