Skinfix Brightening Eye Cream*

When it comes to skin creams, I think I’m pickiest about what I put on around my eyes. Not only do I have sensitive skin all over, but my eyes can get irritated pretty easily. They get puffy easily, and they feel hot when I’m tired, or if I’ve been looking at a screen for too long, so finding a cream which keeps them feeling fresh and looking their best can be a little tricky.

Made nearly entirely with natural ingredients, Skinfix’s Brightening Eye Cream has become my go-to morning formula. After applying my serum and moisturiser, I tap a small amount of the eye cream all around the orbital bone and under eye area. It sinks in almost immediately, leaving the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It does all the things you want (and need) an eye cream to do!

Puffiness, dark circles, and dryness are all eradicated with a couple of dabs of the eye cream. The formula is chock-full of Skinfix’s own Healthy Skin Lipid Complex which maintains glowing, plump, skin whilst Alfalfa Seed Extract helps reduce puffiness and dark under eye shadows. There is an  infusion of betacarotenes and essential vitamins leaves skin glowing, vibrant and smooth. The result? Skin around the eyes appears brighter, firmer and healthier.

The one thing better than the results might just be the price! Skinfix’s Brightening Eye Cream is priced at £12.99 and is available here (UK) and here (US)

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oils – The Neutrals*

Ok, so it’s not exactly news that I’m in absolute love with Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Collection. It’s adorable, it smells like candy and the colours are absolutely beautiful. It’s pretty unusual for an entire collection to find a permanent home in my everyday makeup collection, but I use the face palette (here) and eye shadow palette (here) almost daily. The last part in the line up are the Creamy Peach Lip Oils.

Available in eight shades which range from the most perfect nudes and neutrals, all the way through to punchy pinks and reds, the Creamy Peach Lip Oils are pretty, glossy pops of colour.

Papa Don’t Peach is probably the deepest of the neutral shades. a warm, pinky toned beige, it feels like the perfect shade for everyday wear.

All the Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Lip Oils come with a doe foot applicator, which means that application on the go is a breeze (a good thing too, as my handbag currently has two of these rolling around). The formulas smell very sweet and candy-ish, and they feel really comfortable to wear. The gloss is super smooth, and in no way sticky or greasy. Instead, they just feel super nourishing, and wear for a good two hours before needing to be refreshed.

Peach Tease is probably my most used shade of all the Sweet Peach Lip Oils. It’s described as an ‘electric peach’ and it’s perfect for adding a subtle pop of colour into makeup. It’s easy to control how bright the lip oil is – if I pat a little on using my fingers, I get a subtle peachy glow, but if I apply straight from the tube, I get a brighter, more saturated peach.

If you’re looking for a real workhorse gloss that’s going to go with literally everything, Peach-sicle is your shade. A creamy true peach shade, this is a no brainer for days when you just want to look pretty and polished, rather than overly done. I love the fact I can wear it to work, to the gym and even on nights out as it’s such a pretty and subtle shade.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oils are priced at £16 each and are available here (UK) and here (US)

Guilty Pleasures at Glasgow’s Blythswood Hotel*

Happy Friday! A couple of weeks back, we were kindly invited to the stunning Blysthwood Square Hotel in Glasgow.  It’s a beautiful spot located on a scenic square in the centre of town. I’d only ever popped in for a few press events previously, but I’d heard marvellous things. So, on a rather rainy afternoon, we popped in for a little luxury in the form of the Guilty Pleasures package.

Available from Sunday to Friday, from 12pm until 10pm, it’s the perfect treat if you’re looking for a little naughty indulgence. Served upstairs in the swish Salon, we had driven through from Edinburgh, so were very much in the mood for a little refreshment! As we were seated, it was impossible not to take notice of our surroundings. The architecture of the hotel is something that’s really celebrated – previously the RAC Headquarters, the building is littered with classical columns, pilasters and all range of original features. It gives the Blysthwood a real sense of being somewhere special, and the contrast with the modern decor is really beautiful.

Within a few minutes, our waiter had popped the cork on a bottle of chilled Baron de Villeboerg champagne, and we were able to sit and enjoy a view of the rainy Blythswood Square outside and really have a good catch up. Our fellow diners were a mix of pre-night-outers, a birthday party for a much loved grandmother (the restaurant broke out into a rousing rendition of happy birthday at one point) as well as tourists and business men. This meant the Salon had a great buzz, which continued to grow throughout the evening.

The staff at the Blysthwood Square Hotel couldn’t have been nicer. We were talked through the menu, and throughout the evening, our glasses were never left empty. The champagne was an absolute delight – crisp and dry, it was very drinkable. It also paired well with our rather indulgent treats, as it cut through the richness perfectly.

We were soon presented with the most mouthwatering tray of goodies. A selection of seriously luxe nibbles – we were absolutely in heaven! Since it’s a sharing platter, you’re spoiled for choice – and I just loved the dinky frying baskets that the fritters and sausages were served in.

The first morsels we dug into were the Panko-crusted confit pork fritters. These were a mix of crispy and porky, and were absolutely delicious. We dunked them in the mustardy mayonnaise and wondered aloud how we could recreate them at home.

Next up was the bacon-wrapped sausages which came smothered in sticky sesame glaze. These moreish bites were a step up from your usual banger, and were the perfect mix of savoury and slightly-sweet.

Last, but certainly not least, were the largest chips I’ve had in a long time. Piping hot, and perfectly crisp, we savoured these with the fabulous truffled mayonnaise. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love a good truffle, and these were really great. The whole tray of goodies was the perfect late afternoon treat, and saw us well into the evening, as we sat and enjoyed our bubbles.

The Blythswood Square Hotel’s Guilty Pleasures package is £40 for two people. You can read more about it here.

Dior So Real Clubmaster Style Sunglasses – From Harvey Nichols*

When it comes to making a statement, but not really making an effort – you can’t really beat a pair of statement sunglasses. Dior have been absolutely killing it recently, and to say it was love, when I caught sight of their new So Real Clubmaster-style  glasses, is something of an understatement. The mix of bold colours, and updated shape make them feel super current, and they look incredible paired with a pair of jeans and simple white shirt.

The simple gold hardware feels chicly understated (a good thing considering the striped lenses), and it means they work well with a majority of my bags and jewellery. Not only that, but these are made  to be work with tan skin on a beach somewhere fabulous. As you can tell, I’m more than a little obsessed with them!


Dior So Real Clubmaster-Style Glasses cost £410 from Harvey Nichols here

Dr. Barbara Sturm launches at Space NK

It can sometimes (most of the time) feel like living and working up in Edinburgh means that I miss an absolute tonne of amazing PR opportunities. So, when an email popped up inviting me to meet Dr. Barbara Sturm at the capital’s George Street SpaceNK, I had to read it a couple of times to make sure it was indeed my local store. So, on a very sunny lunchtime I popped round to hear all about the new collection.

If Dr. Sturm’s name rings a bell, it might be because she’s one of the most exciting dermatologists around. She came up with the ‘Vampire Facial’ and runs a seriously luxurious clinic in Germany, so when I read she was releasing a whole skincare line, I was more than a little excited. It was also the first stop on the release tour (Sturm and the team were off to Glasgow then multiple stops in England) so it felt like such a thrill to get a sneak peak!

Getting to talk to Dr. Sturm was an absolute pleasure – she was incredibly warm, funny, and of course, seriously knowledgable. I’m no science-major (art history for the win) but talking through the way that the products were formulated was fascinating, and it’s made me want to overhaul my whole regime. The gist of the matter is the simpler the better – Sturm works under the principal “You don’t need much, but what you do use should be the best!“ and her line couldn’t be a better representation.

From the chicly minimalist packaging which is gloriously stark, to the short list of ingredients, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s skincare is a study in perfection. I got the chance to have a play about with all the products, and I have to say, I have a wish list that’s as long as my arm! What separates Dr. Barbara Sturm products from the rest is the use of Purslane in the formulas. Known as the ‘youth enzyme’ Purslane penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, detoxifying and protecting cells whilst plant extracts promote skin health. It’s a wonderfully balanced approach which has visible skincare benefits. Possibly the fastest acting of the products I tried was the Hyaluronic Serum (£230) which plumps and hydrates skin like nothing I’ve ever tried. At once lightweight and nourishing, it sunk into skin leaving behind a subtle glow. I was also gifted a few of the incredible products (the Eye Cream, The Calming Serum and The Sun Drops) and I have to say, I think I’m in love.

Expect reviews in the next week or so, but spoiler alert – the products are nothing short of life changing!

Dr. Barbara Sturms products can be found at SpaceNK here