Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm*


I have never tried any products by Aesop – but if their Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm is anything to go by, I have really been missing out! Packaged in a chic, kind of industrial metal tube (slightly reminiscent of a paint tube) the balm is a thick and creamy way to stop the dreaded dry-hand syndrome.

The balm feels super luxurious, and I only need about a pea sized amount per application. For such a thick cream, it sinks in incredibly fast. It takes about a minute for everything to sink in fully, with absolutely no stickiness. Interestingly, the balm contains lactic acid which acts as an exfoliation, which means with continued use, your hands not only feel better, but look better too! As well as for my hands, I am addicted to using the balm for my elbows – buh bye any rough or dry skin. Seriously, just slather this anywhere you are less than perfect, and it will work its magic!

I really don’t have anything which smells quite like the balm. It’s described as earthy and woody, and I would say there is also a hint of geranium in there too. It’s lovely and fresh, and I can smell it for around half an hour after application. Because of the generous tube, I think I will be relying on the lotion for a while, which is a good thing, because I am in love!

A tube is priced at £18.00

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