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If you’ve read previous posts you will know that I was pretty psyched about the current Dior partnership with Harrods.Seriously, that store is my literal happy place – I have, no lie, gone to London for the weekend and spent every waking minute in that store. I love the history of it, the feel of it, and the fact that you can get more than you ever wanted in it. I was so upset that I couldn’t go down to see the exhibition, that I thought I would bring a little piece of it closer to home – et voila, my order arrived.

As part of the exhibition, which explores Dior’s link with London, as well as the most stunning artistic presentations, the house has released a collection of limited edition cosmetics. There is a stunning powder compact and another featuring houndstooth eyeshadows, but I fell deepest for the Diorling nail polish. It looked perfect, and when I was on the phone, I got (easily) persuaded into the metallic grey too (why pay postage for one measly polish?)

Anyhoo, when my Harrods box was delivered, I couldn’t wait to see the products, and I was completely bowled over!

Diorling is a perfect baby pink which has no glitter or shimmer. It is opaque in two coats, and dries to a high shine finish. The colour on me is just one or two steps up from a mannequin-hands nude and it is really perfect for Spring and Summer. I just had to splash a bit on, and even with no base or top coat, the polish applies super evenly and dries quickly. This just might be my favourite polish, and I’m strongly considering buying another bottle as a backup.

Windsor is a deep metallic grey, and is quite similar to Chanel’s Steel. When wet, the metallic particles look insane – and it dries to a more matte, almost jelly consistency. With just one coat of polish, Windsor was completely opaque, but for wear a topcoat is definitely needed. It is a very flattering colour, and looks super sleek when worn with short nails or as a pedi.


Almost as much as I loved the nail polishes, I thought that a special mention had to be made for the freebies which were put in alongside my purchases. Packaged in beautiful white boxes, the girls had added a Dior Prestige eye cream, Dior Prestige face cream and Dior Ambre Nuit perfume. The luxe packaging and incredible products were such a lovely surprise to open and reminded why I have such a soft spot for Harrods.

The nail polishes are priced at £18 each



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