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A couple of weeks ago I read that a vast majority of us are using skincare which is formulated with those a bit older in mind.I have to admit, I have been amongst the masses – the moment I developed an interest in skincare my mother’s was ransacked – Creme de la Mer was smeared on without abandon, and eye creams were patted on with the utmost care. Looking back I used products which were way too potent, but nevertheless my attention was piqued. Obviously, I was not alone in my forays into facial products were not unique – and Elemis have recently launched their FreshSkin range. The products are all specifically formulated with young skin in mind – for teens and twenties, so I was super excited to try the line.

The Peachy Perfect Face Wash is a gentle way to cleanse regularly. Packaged in a cute little pump dispenser, the wash is delicately scented and foams when used. There was no irritation when I used the cleaner – my face just felt nicely refreshed, and I didn’t experience any tightness either. The packaging is neat and tidy, and the pump means I can easily control how much product I use, the clear bottle is also helpful to monitor how much of the cleanser I have left. 100ml bottle costs £12.

The Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue is a great entry into using an eye-cream regularly. Like the face wash, the eye rescue is packaged in a clear pump dispenser, which keeps everything clean and tidy. The clear gel is thick and cooling when applied (for an even more refreshing experience, store it in the fridge) and it reduces puffiness. I have been using eye creams regularly for about a year, and this is slighter thinner than my usual, and doesn’t provide as much moisturization as other formulas. This really isn’t too surprising when you consider the target market. I have to say, using the eye cream definitely felt refreshing, and under-eye puffiness caused by a few late nights was visibly reduced. 15ml bottle costs £15.

The Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm is a really lovely addition to the line. It sits somewhere between a balm and a gloss – with a refreshing minty smell this is a complete handbag essential. I do love a minty lip product, and the tube is small enough to fit into any purse without taking up any room. The 10ml tube costs £8.

Finally the Face Mask Duo are a once-a-week treat for your skin. Comprising of three sachets of Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask and three Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask, the duo allows you to tailor your regime to how your skin feels. The Quenching mask is a super thick moisturizer which you leave on for 10 minutes, then tissue off, allowing as much goodness as you need to sink in. The aloe vera in the mask adds a smoothing element to all the moisture. The Deep Clean masks are clay based, and contain goji berry extract and frankincense oil. The clay takes about 15-20 minutes to dry once applied. After washing my face with a warmed flannel, my face felt super-clean and super-smooth. Both masks are easy to use and deliver great results – my only complaint is the packaging – the sachets are like the ones you get as samples, and it means I probably use more than I would if the masks were bottled. It is a small complaint though, and one I am completely willing to overlook due to the great results! 6 sachets cost £15.00.

With the unveiling of FreshSkin, Elemis have really succeeded in providing a full skincare regime for younger skin – a market which is all too regularly overlooked. The products all live up to Elemis’ high standards, and will definitely create some converts! The skincare is well packaged, and super cute, and I support anything which encourages people taking care of themselves from an early age!

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