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By nature I’m one of those semi-nosey people

I love seeing what people use everyday, and since I’m heading off for Easter tomorrow I thought I would share what my little travel-pack contains. Disclaimer – this isn’t my makeup, just the stuff to make sitting in one spot for eight hours slightly more bearable. Since I’m on my way there, there a few bits missing – namely dramamine which lets me pass out and wake up at my destination feeling semi-normal.


Okay, so onto what I do have …

  • Summer’s Eve wipes – these smell nice and fresh and I use them for everything. I know they are meant to be ‘intimate’ but these are complete multi-taskers for me.
  • Lysol – yep, I’m one of those germ-phobes on planes. I get colds and flu’s freakishly easy, so I like to know that my seat and surrounding area are clean. Before I settle down (and before anyone near me sits down) a blast of Lysol lets me sit easy.
  • Burt’s Bees Hand Santizer – ok, I’m looking a bit Howard Hughes right now, but planes are just disgusting. This is full of Aloe and Witch Hazel, and it doesn’t dry skin like gel formulas plus it’s natural. The spray also smells fresh and clean which is a major plus on long-haul.
  • Clinique Moisturize Surge Spray – my skin dries out the moment the wheels lift off. This little spray is an easy way to feel refreshed. Not only this, but a little mist after makeup application prior to touch-down stops makes me look human (even if a baby in row 3 hasn’t stopped bawling for the entire flight.) I got this as a gift with purchase from Clinique – it’s perfect for TSA guidelines and doesn’t get sticky, greasy or oily.
  • Dr Scholl’s Rub Relief – this little balm is a miracle worker. Whichever shoes I decide to travel in invariably start to rub the moment I get past security. This little gem is a thick balm which you rub on whichever parts of your feet are getting rubbed. The balm provides a barrier between skin and leather and completely wipe out friction. These little sticks are also incredible for heels and make wearing pretty shoes completely bearable – I plan to invest in a whole lot more of these.
  • Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream – again another sample courtesy of Clinique (seriously their gifts are the best!) and this hand cream is a complete keeper! Its a rich lotion which sinks in easily without leaving any stickiness or greasiness. Most importantly, it has no scent, which is super important to me when traveling as I can get weirdly nauseous.
  • La Mer The Eye Balm Intense – a great eye cream. It’s a thick gel which sinks in easily, which is such a plus when applying in public – I don’t want to sit around which shiny under-eyes! The cream stops any puffiness brought on by sleep deprivation and over-consumption of coffee.
  • J. Crew Hair Clip – like everything that the store sells, this clip is perfection. I love the tortoiseshell which matches anything, and the clip is super chunky, meaning it keeps all my hair tidy. The flat shape also means I can sit or lie down in comfort.
  • Hotel Cotton Pads and Q Tips – I have a ridiculously large stash of hotel toiletries, but they are just incredibly useful. Packaged in plastic, I can keep clean Q Tips and cotton pads incase my make-up decides to migrate.
  • Clinique All About Eyes Serum – Yep, another Clinique sample (see, I told you they were awesome) and this is such a cute and dinky little product. The serum is applied through a metal rollerball container, which is cooling and again prevents any sort of puffiness. The serum is lightweight and sinks in easily, although it doesn’t have the moisturizing benefits of the La Mer.
  • Fresh Sugar Lipbalm – Truly the Holy Grail of lip balms. Packaged in a pleasingly sturdy metal tube, the sugar fragrance is my favourite of the Fresh balms. Thick and long lasting, I love the hygienic tube and awesome formula. I literally have 5 of these going at the one time. Yes, Fresh are expensive, but this balm is beyond worth it!
  • Tylenol – I love these travel containers as my bags don’t need to rattle when I throw them around.
  • Colgate Wisps – I am kind of obsessed with these little dental sticks. They are minty, and mean you can brush your teeth on the go – perfect! Also, the whitening ones (not pictured) taste of bubblegum which is beyond fun!

So, throw in a pair of cashmere socks and headphones and that’s me on a plane!


  1. 10th April 2013 / 11:15 am

    I also like to use a moisturising hair mask when I’m on the plane! The phyto ones are pretty good for that.

    • 10th April 2013 / 1:06 pm

      Oooh I would love to – I think my hair would get a little greasy though 🙁 I just load up on hair oil when I get to the hotel 🙂 xxx

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