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First things first, I feel I should apologize for my extended absence.I really thought I would blog far more than I did while I was away – so I am super sorry for my MIA-ness. But to make up for it, even though I was not tip-tapping away here, I was slathering on lotions and potions, as well as ransacking every Sephora I came across.

So, one of the ranges I pretty much relied on while on vacay was Rodin. I had been dying to sample the range, created by Linda Rodin, one of those achingly chic women I can only hope to emulate, and thought her oils were a good place to start.

Traveling to East Hampton took a ridiculously long time, thanks in no small part to a 4 hour delay in Heathrow (thanks BA), so by the time we got to the hotel my face was beyond parched. After a thorough cleansing to get rid of all the plane-ick I smoothed on a healthy dropper of the Face Oil and retired to bed. Flying really strips my skin of any moisture, so I was astonished to wakeup to soft, smooth skin. The oil was responsible. The next night I used it again, but this time I could appreciate the luxurious thickness and incredible scent. Once again the oil sunk in quickly, and I awoke to another day of a glowing complexion. The oil was pretty much perfect – you have no idea how sad I was when the bottle ran out.

Hair Oil


One of the highlights of my trip was my visit to the hairdresser – lame I know – but I am seriously picky about my blonde. I hadn’t been to the Oscar Blandi Salon since September (due to time in Dubai) and as a result I had hair which was in a word, horrific. While I was away I had my hair done, which ended in my crying down Skype to my mother for three days and the purchase of endless hair products to restore any sort of moisture. In the nights leading up to my appointment, I smoothed Rodin by Recine’s offering onto my ends. Whilst my hair was waiting to be done, the oil definitely improved the look of split ends and added some much needed shine. After my appointment however, the oil really worked its magic – my newly blonded locks were bouncy and shiny. Not only this, but the smell of the product was as wonderful as the face oil. Even my mother fell in love with this – she has finer hair which is liable to get weighed down with product – but not with this. Instead we enjoyed healthy and shiny locks for the entire vacation.

body oil 3

The final Rodin offering I enjoyed whilst away was their Body Oil. Smelling like their face and hair oils – I applied the oil after my baths nightly to my elbows, knees and shins. It was the most luxurious way to end a day, and the scent lingered even after I went to bed. After only a couple of nights, no rough patches could be found. The scent it heavenly – a deep floral, which is unlike anything I have used before. The oils are the most luxurious of skincare, and despite the higher price point, all three are beyond worth it! Not only this, but I would completely fall in love with the packaging alone – chic and minimalist, the bottles are as chic as the creator!


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