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I had been reading only good things about the numerous Drybars which are dotted around the US, and thought my visit was well overdue.

I used the super-easy online system to make my appointment – a simple blow-dry – although you can opt for hair treatments and head massages also, but since my appointment was under a week after getting my hair done, I felt it would be unnecessary. I was originally scheduled for 9am, but torrential rain meant traffic which takes 2 hours took 3 1/2, and then parking was an issue. Long story short I was an hour late – just for reference I hate being late, seriously, it’s rude – but when in the car I phoned ahead, and let the salon know about the delay. Despite turning up over an hour later, I was squeezed in by the super friendly and polite staff and made to feel very at home.


The salon is beyond adorable – all white and yellow. It was the perfect spot to spend an incredibly grey and rainy NYC morning. The salon was really busy (it was a Friday) but everyone was well seen to, and I was attended to in about 15 minutes. It was nice touch to be offered complimentary drinks, and there were television screens which were showing Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


So I was led into the back to get my hair washed – the salon use L’Oreal Professionel Serie Expert products alongside those by MorrocanOil and their own styling brushes and products. My stylish was friendly and obviously knew what she was doing, and within a couple of minutes I was at the styling bar picking my hairdo from their menu.


The menu is a genius idea – all named after cocktails you can go from super sleek and straight (Manhattan) to a glamourous bouffant (Southern Comfort) and there is something there for everyone. I opted for the Straight Up – the DryBar’s signature style which is straight with volume. The girl sectioned off my hair and blew it dry – she was obviously practiced, and it felt like it took no time at all – the wifi meant I could see to my emails etc.


So in the 40 minute appointment slot my hair went from blah to gorgeous – the blowout was sleek and smooth with the requested volume. My hair was bouncy and shiny despite the city’s best efforts to dampen it down with unending rain, and it was the prettiest way to start a weekend.


Since the salon is in the city, it cost $40 (it is $35 in other locations), which I think is pretty reasonable for New York, and the result was definitely impressive. The salon had a happy buzz, and it was such a cheery spot in city rain.


The salon also sold the full range of DryBar products and hair accessories – I picked up a brush, glittery hair tie and hairspray, which means I can carry the experience on at home. If I lived in the US, I would have invested in at least the hairdryer, which was super powerful, as well as a pretty shade of buttercup.


I was super impressed with my hair after my appointment, and one of the nicest touches way, when leaving, I was given a bright yellow umbrella to keep my hair in tact throughout the day. Would I go back? Definitely – I’m already booked up!


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