Weleda Oils – Travel Sized*


Just in time to save us all from the inevitable packing crisis which is summer vacation, Weleda have released a number of their famed oils in a travel-friendly size.

Seriously, there really isn’t anything I hate more than digging around for liquids in my hand luggage, so I really appreciate the new dinky bottles – which are both TSA friendly as well as containing enough to enjoy for a couple of nights. The oils are all thick and nourishing, and the scents are beautiful, natural and not-too-overpowering.

The rose was great for dry skin, and a couple of drops are all you need to banish rough elbows and knees. As well as treating these problem areas, the oil is suitable for facial use too! I love multipurpose products!

The lavender is perfect for night time – the scent is soothing and really makes nodding off a breeze! I like to dab a couple of drops in my elbows and behind my knees so I get the scent throughout the night.


The Birch Oil is designed to treat areas blighted by cellulite, and it smells super fresh – all clean and citrus-ey! Realistically, an teeny-tiny bottle is not going to eradicate any dimpling, but it does seem to deeply moisturize, a definite plus point, making skin look taught and firmer than before application.

I think the sizes of oils are beyond perfect for traveling, or if you want to decide on a favorite before committing to the larger bottles, and for an eeny meany £2.95 you can’t go wrong!


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