Chanel Pearl Sunglasses


This weekend might be the entirety of the British Summer, so I thought I would share my favourite sunglasses – Chanel’s 2013 pearl offerings. I got these earlier in the year when I was down in Cheshire, i.e. footballer country, where every shop and boutique is stocked up with the latest designer offerings. When I saw these in the opticians down there, I just couldn’t resist.


The glasses are a gorgeous tawny brown, a departure from my usual black and tortoiseshell, and I am just obsessed with the hand-applied freshwater pearls which just peak out from the frames. The fact that the pearls are real feels ridiculously luxurious, and it dispenses a rather flattering glow on the skin (win win!). I love the shape of these too – the updated cat eye is super chic and flattering.

The glasses are limited edition, so I would grab them as soon as. My pair cost £400

Tell me what you think!

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