Lola’s Apothecary Rose & Neroli Body Oil*


It seems that the UK is moving far too swiftly into Autumn. It’s windy, it’s rainy and it’s cold. So I thought I would share my little secret at keeping the cold weather blues at bay.

It’s Lola‘s Apothecary’s Rose & Neroli Body Oil. The packaging alone makes this a vanity-top favourite. The glass bottle complete with dinky little cork means this feels like no other product I have. The best bit of the packaging? Definitely the real rosebuds suspended in the oil! This is one of those rare products you want to show off rather than tucking away into a cupboard or drawer.

Even better than the bottle’s looks is the glorious golden oil inside. The Rose and Neroli Body Oil is perfect for the thirsty shins and arms which sadly follow the descent into the later months. For glowing skin,  you need the tiniest dribble of the oil  to completely conquer any problem areas. It’s super rich, but sinks in quickly, leaving limbs super soft and glowy. Despite the rosebuds in the bottle, and the rose and neroli oils in the formula, this isn’t the most highly scented products, but this really isn’t an issue since I alway follow with a couple of squirts of perfume

The oil is completely natural, and is such a godsend for winter-ravaged skin! It’s priced at £27 and available at

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