Bliss Firm Baby Firm Total Eye System*


I like eye creams. I’m probably in the younger sections of the demographic they are usually aimed at, but I like them all the same. It’s probably because I suffer from eyes which puff at the merest hint of a carb, alcohol, or sleep deprivation, but I also like the whole notion of applying them. The cool feeling at the end of a stressful and busy day, and I like the feeling that I’m keeping the creepy crows feet away. (Seriously, think about it, how awful is the notion of having crows feet around your eyes?!)


Anyway, I digress. My one niggle with eye creams is the inevitable laundry list of claims that the little pots make. How can a single formula de-puff, moisturize, anti age, smell good as well as the other hundred uses many brands claim? Bliss obviously agrees, because their new total eye system is actually two separate formulas which are joined together with a dinky little screw top.

Starting with the upper lid, you get a firming gel which leaves you feeling bright eyed and refreshed, whilst the under-eye tube focuses more on the moisturization of the area, It’s recommended that you focus on the upper eyes first, following with the second formula. Both the gel and moisturizer feel light, and if you keep the tubes refrigerated they feel incredible when applied. The formulas sink in quickly, and you’re left looking noticeably perkier – no bags, no puff!

If you’ve booked up a flight, train or journey however small, throw this into your makeup bag. It’s TSA size approved, and your peepers with thank you!

Bliss Firm Baby Firm Total Eye Serum is priced at $68 and is available at


    • 22nd September 2013 / 1:01 pm

      It really is – I’ve never come across a formula which is so specifically targeted – it’s such a staple product now 🙂 xxx

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