My NUDE Skincare Regime: Progenius Treatment Oil*


So bringing up the rear with this week’s posts is NUDE’s ProGenius Treatment Oil. Since we’re headed into winter, it’s worth your while checking this out.


As you’re probably tired of reading, my skin is pretty sensitive, and it gets dry easily. Couple this with heating now being blasted from every angle, my skin can get a little frazzled. Well, it did, before I discovered the joy which is ProGenius.


The oil comes in a gorgeous little dark purple bottle with the cleverest of caps. The top has a dropper which means you are completely in control of how much of the gorgeous golden oil you’re using, and if you’re anything like me, you won’t need a lot.


So after cleaning my face  (with the cleansing oil) I dry up, and warm a little of the oil on the tips of my fingers, then press into my skin. I pay special attention to the areas around my nose and on my chin which are my driest areas. The oil is super thick, but is absorbed pretty easily. It really is just incredible – it contains ten carefully selected plant oils and is rich in omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 – so it’s super potent. It does smell a little peppery, but once it’s on the scent disappears completely. The mornings after I use it, my skin really does show the benefit. It looks smother, and really evens everything out. I should also give credit to ProGenius for this week – I have been sniffling away with a cold, and liberal doses of this round my nose is prevented the dreaded chapped skin which usually accompanies the flu.

So, in short I really can’t reccommend this enough. It’s priced at £58.00 and is available from

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