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If you’re anything like me, your hair might be the part of you which you treat the worst. Naturally I’m ‘blessed’ with hair which is mousey brown, wavy, and prone to dryness and fuzz – if you see me I’m blonde with straight hair. See the problem? Since I like to wash my hair and style it daily, it’s not too long before my ends start to dry out, and I feel in need for a little TLC.

That’s where John Frieda‘s Full Repair range comes in. Packaged in bright red containers, this whole range is completely focused on getting your hair back to tip-top condition, and it all smells incredible!


First up is the shampoo and conditioner. Both products are really generously sized, and since I only use a little everyday, I can see these really lasting. The shampoo is light enough in texture to cleanse hair efficiently without weighing it down with its moisturizing properties. It lathers well too, so my hair feels nice and clean, as well as in better condition. On a daily basis I have been using the conditioner too. The formula is quite lightweight, and I apply it from just above my ears down, and leave it on for a couple of minutes while I busy myself with my other various showering activities. Once I’ve washed it out, my hair immediately feels sleek and smooth.


Maybe twice a week, I’ve been hauling out the deep conditioning treatment. Like the conditioner, it feels quite lightweight when applied, and again I leave it on for a good 5-10 minutes. I need about a palmful to cover my hair from just above my ears to the tips, and when I wash it out my hair feels ah-mazing!


I thought I would share a picture of the formula – it’s lighter than a lot of other hair masks I have tried – but it’s potent!


So after washing, I towel dry my ends and add a couple of drops of the Oil Elixir. The clever oils smooth and hydrate ends, as well as adding shine. Even though the product is oil based, it doesn’t weigh down ends at all! I’m left with hair which looks sleek and healthy. After using this, along with the shampoo and conditioners, my hair smells incredible! It’s hard to explain but it’s a clean kind of fruity-floral. It’s good enough that I’ve found myself sniffing at my own ends throughout the day (slightly awkward I’ll admit.)


Last, but certainly not least is the Flyaway Tamer. If, like me, you throw your hair into a pony more often than you would like to admit, this is your best friend. Any baby-fine fly-aways around the hair line don’t stand a chance in the face of this.


It looks like an oversized mascara brush, and once my hair is up I just lightly brush this over my root areas. Any frizz completely disappears and I’m left with a shiny sleek do. Added plus – I’ve used this when I’m at the gym, and even after bouncing around for an hour and a bit, I leave with hair much perkier looking than usual!

The shampoo is priced at £5.89, the conditioner is priced at £5.89, the deep conditioner is priced at £6.29, the Oil Elixer is priced at £9.99, and the Flyaway Tamer is priced at £10.99. All are available at Boots. US readers can find it here.

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