Georgia Louise Lift and Sculpt Butterfly*


I love products which are as pretty as they are effective – and skincare doesn’t come much cuter than Georgia Louise’s Lift and Sculpt Rose Quartz Butterfly.

The little pink gift box is unassuming, and inside you find an exciting little jewel bag.


But the real magic lies within the little velvet pouch.


This little butterfly is the cleverest little gadget. Every little nook and notch is perfectly placed for facial massage – and the results are surprisingly effective.


The magic lies in the combination of rose quartz and the shape of the stone. First off, the stone has long believed to have positive skin-care benefits. It is said to clear acne, soften skin, diminish wrinkles as well as producing a rosy glow. As well as this the use of the stone within a facial massage can be used for lymphatic drainage, de-puffing eyes and defining the jawline, so as you can imagine I was super keen to test the claims.

First off, I completely love the feel of the stone in my hand. It’s smooth, and solid enough that when I’m stroking it over my jaw and cheekbones, I don’t feel I’m in danger of snapping it in two. All the curves in the wings are perfectly placed for paying attention to the under eye areas, the jawline and cheeks. Georgia Louise recommends giving yourself a facial massage 2-3 times a week, but right now I’m doing it every night.

My usual routine is that I apply an evening oil, (most recently it’s been a Georgia Louise offering – review to come) and I concentrate around my under eye areas for a couple of minutes each, then I do upwards strokes around my cheekbones, then the same around my jawline. The feel of the stone is really luxurious, and it’s as close as you can come to a nightly facial. To make my little ritual even better, I’ve been storing the butterfly in the fridge during the day, so it’s properly icy cold when I’m ready for bed.

Since I’ve been using the butterfly, I’ve really noticed a visible improvement. First of all, my eyes have completely calmed down, despite a dinner party which consisted of carbs and a little champagne, both of which usually puff me out horribly. The lymphatic drainage is incredible, and the stone also gives a sort of clearness to the skin. The first morning after using the butterfly I woke up with skin that looked like it did when I was a child – all rosy cheeks and no circles or bag. I really can’t believe the results using something that seems so simple!

The butterfly costs £29.00 and is available exclusively at SpaceNK and


    • 3rd November 2013 / 11:33 am

      I hadn’t either, but it’s such a little find. The massaging really makes a visible difference the next morning! Plus the fact it never runs out – such an investment! xxx

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