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Last month Michael Kors unveiled his long-awaited cosmetics collection. Along with drool-worthy lipsticks, glosses and bronzers, three fragrances were also introduced.

The collection as a whole is divided into three themes: Sporty, Sexy and Glam, and scents correspond. Before we get started on the scents themselves, I want to focus on the gorgeous packaging. Rectangular bottles with chunky gold hardware lids, these are begging to sit atop a dressing table.


First up is Sexy Amber. This is deepest, and probably the most complex of the three. At first, the amber is definitely the strongest note. As it wears, it’s lightened by the orange and mandarin, and as it warms on the skin the musk comes through. This is definitely a ‘night time’ perfume for me – it’s definitely sexy, and I love the way the fruity notes lift the fragrance from seeming too ordinary. For the up-coming festive party circuit, it’s a keeper!


Next up is Sporty Citrus – the lightest of the three, and probably the easiest to wear because it’s just so fresh! This isn’t you’re regular lemon-peel citrus either. When first sprayed, I get a complex, unique orange, which settles into a kind of clean, soapy where the white florals and background musk come in. It’s not like any other perfume I’ve sampled. I love this for day, it feels effortless, and when I’ve worn it, friends have remarked on how good I smell, rather than ask what I’m wearing.


Last up, is Glam Jasmine, which is possibly my favourite of the trio. I’m a fan of white florals, and this doesn’t disappoint. When first applied it’s a fresh, light floral. It smells like you’ve just come out of the shower, and I love how it dries down to a slighter warmer version, thanks to the woodsy notes in it.

The three scents are so well thought out – I love the way there is one for when you’re all dressed up, one for when you want to feel sexy, as well as an everyday option, and they are all so pretty too!

The perfumes are priced at £38 and are available from House of Fraser.


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