An Interview with MONC XIII Founder Natasha Esch


It’s always super exciting when new opportunities present themselves, so I’m really excited that I can add interviews to LuxeList.

Whenever I’m in the Hamptons, I spend way too much time at interiors haven MONC XIII in Sag Harbour. It’s one of those stores that you can fall in love with absolutely everything, so when I found out I could ask it’s founder Natasha Esch a few questions, I was over the moon! Read on below for tips on how to stay true to your tastes, how to be inspired, and much, much more!

Hi Natasha, thank you so much for agreeing to answer a couple of questions for, I really appreciate you taking the time, and I’m sure my readers are going to be as excited as I am!


First off – I am in love with your Sag Harbor store! Whenever I’m in the Hamptons, I always make sure to stop in and pick up something to remind me of the place when I’m back home. What made you pick Sag Harbor as a location?

We moved from LA to the East end to raise our family and be closer to our parents. The quality of life is quite amazing and the nature is amazing.


You previously worked in fashion, what made you switch to interiors? Fashion is great and I am still very passionate about fashion but I like the longevity of HOME INTERIORS – there is a timeless comforting quality to it when you buy a great home piece…Additionally, fashion continues to be an influence for me with respect to textile, detail, and color..


You set out the store in rooms, where do you get the inspiration when you update them? Has your own interior style changed since you started MONC XIII? MONC IS MY HOME AND MY HOME IS MONC XIII – the lines are very blurred – every piece that is in the store I choose, pick , buy, try, envy….My inspiration comes from all the things I see around me or when I travel.


I graduated from University last year, and I’ve really gotten into interior design – what do you think is the most important purchase a person can make? Where should I focus my attention when I’m buying?   I really think in terms of use.  In my book, an amazing bed, good nightstands, the rest depends on the size of space you have to work with.  Take your time, read and be inspired. From MONC XIII to World of Interiors or flea markets or simply a nature walk and its colors…It will layer your taste – which is what make it you and unique.


With the popularity of sites like Pintrest and interior blogs, it’s so easy to get confused about what you want for a room or decorative scheme. How do you stay true to your aesthetic? I think it is important to filter a momentary trend to a look that you will love and enjoy for a long time.  At MONC XIII I incorporate both elements.  I believe in timeless pieces that I know stand the test of time and will work in many applications.  However, we all want a little update or splash of something current and new.  Decorative accessories and textiles are good way to accomplish this.  When looking at Pintrest and blogs, create your own collage of the looks that resonate.  No doubt there will be common themes.  Try to understand the re-curring likes in these inspirations and stick to them….


The festive season is coming up, what are the 5 things which you do to really get into the Holiday spirit? The excitement of my children who still believe in Santa, and the smell of Xmas Trees and decorating it of course….It is also the time I will bake my favorite childhood almond cookies.  My favorite thing to do, is to wrap gifts.  I probable spend more money on giftwrap than on the gifts themselves, haha but I am just addicted to unusual handmade papers and decorative gift embellishments.


Do you host for the Holidays – how do you prepare for guests? When you’re visiting, what’s your go-to hostess gift? A Frederic Malle home spray or candle – I love having guests and friends or family around. That is why I love HOMES so much to be able to have people around.


What’s your definition of the perfect gift? What’s your fallback for unexpected guests? A timless gift that the entire family can enjoy… For unexpected guests – a full fridge with easy recipes that are go tos


What has been your biggest indulgence? Traveling to scout amazing pieces for MONC XIII from small dealers to local artisans with amazing craftsmanship

What’s next for MONC XIII? A design collaboration would be great …


Thank you so, so much to Natasha for answering my questions, and if you’re anywhere near Sag Harbour, you just have to visit. For the rest of us, there is a stunning website where you can find the most incredible interior goodies!

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