Gift Guide: Sai-Sei Essential Minerals Gift Set*


I always love giving gifts which are slightly different – the type you know that your intended recipient will love as well as one that a hundred people aren’t going to give as well. An idea? Sai-Sei’s gorgeous gift set!


Packaged in an ultra-chic wooden box, the lid flips open to reveal three of the brand’s key products – Mineral Deep Moisture Body Cream, Mineral Refresh Bath & Shower Gel as well as a Konnyaku Cleanse Green Tea Sponge.


These three little gems mean that your gifting the most heavenly shower experience ever!


The Bath and Shower Gel is packaged in the most elegant bottle, I love the ombre blue, and the pump action top means that there is absolutely no wastage! The gel is gorgeously thick, and it lathers up beautifully. The scent isn’t too girly, it’s light, but refreshing, and very spa like; meaning this is a perfect option for whoever on your list needs a gift.


Whenever I’m sudsing up with the shower gel, I just adore the Konnyaku Cleanse Green Tea Sponge which comes with the set.


The fact that it’s natural means that it’s gentle on skin, but still works to buff out any impurities and dry skin, and it holds the shower gel really well. When the sponge first comes out the box, it feels almost like plastic, but once it has been moistened it becomes perfectly soft.


As if showering with Sai-Sei wasn’t enough, the set contains a Deep Nourish Body Cream, meaning your bliss can continue even when you’re out of the bathroom.


Once I’m towelled off, I like to slap on some of the body cream to my extremities. It has a wonderful, almost springy texture, and it is just the most incredible turquoise colour. It smells like the shower gel (heavenly), and it sinks  into skin in no time at all, leaving you feeling silky and smelling like you’ve just stepped out the spa.

The set costs £48.00 and is available here. (I would throw in one for yourself too!)

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