Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips*


For some odd reason my lips have been getting really dry recently, I suppose it’s January’s wind and chill which are to blame, but I can’t stand the feeling. To combat any dryness or peeling, I’ve been turning to Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Lips.


I love the humorous name – originally the balm was produced for nursing mothers, so it’s super moisturizing as well as suitable for baby-delicate skin.


The grey tube is compact enough to slip into the smallest of makeup, and the formula is super thick. Seriously, this is the thickest lip balm I’ve ever had the pleasure to smear across my face (fun fact, don’t leave it in the car overnight in winter – it becomes solid). The ingredient list contains only medical grade lanolin, which is proven to reduce dryness by 40%, and it really doesn’t fail! I’ve also found myself using the balm on my raggy cuticles, on my eyebrows to keep them tidy, and even around my eyes at night. Since the product is so pure, there isn’t any scent or flavor, so its perfect as a multi-use purpose!

The Nipple Balm is priced £11.50 and is available here.

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