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When I was interning, my schedule was all over the place – up at 5am and not getting in until 7 or 8pm. Not ideal for my diet, as I ended up pretty much living on carbs. Sandwiches are just so easy when you’re looking for a quick meal. So once I was done for Christmas I got on my very first juice cleanse to reconfigure myself back to normal.


I should admit, before starting I was pretty nervous – having only juice for 3 days seemed like a bit of a task. Thankfully Purifyne cleanse made it all super simple! After contacting the office and choosing a weight loss option, my juices arrived safe and sound in their own special insulated bag. Inside I found my four juices per day, a coconut water and a festive treat, as well as a vitamin booster and some supplements.


As you can see, this is more than throwing back a couple of glasses of juice and hoping for the best. Purifyne really talk you through each step. Every morning I took a couple of capsules, some powders mixed with juice, some lemon and manuka honey and dry body-brushed to stimulate the elimination of toxins.



It all looks a bit complicated, but the guidelines which came with made it crystal clear. By the morning of day 2, I was mixing my powders like a pro.


Honestly, the biggest surprise I had was that I was never hungry. Ever. In the space of the three days I didn’t have a single hunger pang or rumble, despite friends happily munching on brie and baguettes around me. The juices are also huge – 250ml each and since they are vegetable based they really fill you up. On my first day I couldn’t even come close to finishing the fourth bottle, although I found it easier to get through all four on the second and third day. As well as the four juices, you have to drink a couple of liters of water, and a cup of the provided special tea. It’s a whole lot of liquid, and it really keeps you occupied thinking about what is coming next, and getting everything ready for the next day, meaning there is less time to think about what you’re not eating. On the first day I decided to have a ‘duvet day’ where I just took it easy, read some books and caught up on crappy tv. It was pretty blissful. My worst detox side effect was a hazy headache which floated on and off during all three days. By the second day I felt driven and alert – I tidied cupboards, worked out and generally felt pretty perky! I noticed that I got colder easier than normal, but a pair of cashmere socks was an easy answer. The last day, I was sad to be on my last day. I felt super fresh and ‘clean’ if that makes sense? In the three days I lost 4 pounds, and even after it was over I felt the effects – I’m still drinking my lemon and manuka every morning, and my appetite shrunk to tiny proportions! Obviously juice cleanses aren’t long term solutions, but if you’re looking to jump start your diet, you can’t do any better!

The cleanse costs £249.00 and is available from www.purifynecleanse.com


  1. 21st January 2014 / 4:10 pm

    I really want to try one, but I’m such a big food person… I’m worried I’d basically use the juice to wash down some sushi lol I definitely need to cleanse after the holiday season though

    • 21st January 2014 / 9:00 pm

      I was exactly the same. I cook a lot, and go out for suppers with friends, so I really thought I would suffer. Since the juices are so big, and there are so many to cram in during the day there isn’t time to feel hungry. But you know have me craving some California rolls haha xxx

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