The weather in the UK has been super crazy over the past week or so, and because of this my skin has been super dry thanks to the heating which has been on 24-7. To keep dry skin at bay, I’ve been turning to Lotil for products which are just the most nourishing and lovely products out there!DSC05304

Probably my most grabbed-for product from the brand is their lip balm.


The packaging is basic, but the balm is pretty much perfect – it’s slightly vanilla scented, and a quick swipe leaves lips soft and hydrated. Unfortunately, within a couple of uses the pointy bit broke off, but I’ve been using the flat bit which was left, and it hasn’t left my makeup bag since it popped through the letterbox!


Every couple of days I use my ped-egg to keep my feet feeling smooth, as well as to tide me over between pedicures. Since I’ve been slapping on the foot cream after ped-egging, my feet feel salon-smooth, and the cream feels gorgeously cooling and soothing when applied.


Since I like to exfoliate at night, after sloughing off my feet, I put on a generous layer then slip on some light cotton socks and go to bed – in the morning, I’ve got feet which look like I’ve just stepped out the salon!


Last up is the all-star Lotil formula. The original formula is basically one of those products which you should always have at least a tube of. The cream is thick, without feeling greasy, and it can be used everywhere!


My knees, ankles and elbows have all been treated with this to prevent dryness, and I’ve also used a touch of this on my nose, where I suffer from dryness. What makes the cream even better is how affordable the cream is!

Lotil is available from Boots.

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