Dentek Brushes and Tongue Cleaner*


So dental hygiene isn’t exactly the most glamorous thing in the world, but it’s probably the most important! I’m also slightly obsessive when it comes to my dental stash – whenever I’m in the US I head to Target and load up on pastes, gels, washes and brushes which I then have to lug home in a separate cosmetics case, so you can imagine how happy I was to hear that Dentek are now available in the UK.


Tongue cleaners are something I never see in the UK, but they are so, so important. When I’m brushing my teeth I always make sure that I pay attention to my tongue, making sure it’s minty fresh. Dentek’s tongue cleaner makes this super easy.


The white bit is soft rubber, and it just makes sure everything feels squeaky-clean without being too harsh. Again, not glamorous, but necessary!


Since I was little, the importance of flossing was majorly impressed on me – I’m not the biggest fan of the regular stringy-stuff, but these snazzy little brushes make it super easy. What I love about Dentek is that their brushes come in a variety of sizes. I teeth which don’t have alot of space between them, so I use numbers 1 and 2, but they come in a whole range of sizes, and they taste minty, so you feel super fresh and clean after using them!

The Easy Brushes are priced £3.99 and are available from Boots, whilst the tongue cleaner is priced at £4.09 and is available from Amazon.

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