Radical Skincare Eye Revive Creme*


Radical Skincare is one of my favorite skincare brands – the mix of high-tech skincare with gorgeous scents and textures cannot be beaten!

The Eye Revive Creme comes packaged in a silver tube, with a pump which means that everything stays super-hygenic and you can easily control how much product your using. About 1/2 a pump is all I need for an application, and I use it every night. The cream is a dark-tan colour, and it does show up on my skin, so that’s the only reason I don’t use it before applying makeup. People with darker skin tones, however should be absolutely fine to use this both am and pm.

When the cream is tapped around my eyes it feels super light, but still hydrating, and it has a perfectly cool feeling when applied. What I love about this eye cream is that it’s basically sleep in a bottle. Whenever I look at a carb, alcohol or get less than 7 hours sleep, my eyes puff up beyond all recognition, but with Radical’s special cream, I can get up to whatever I want, and still look well rested the next day! Puffiness isn’t the only issue that Radical solves – wrinkles have been clinically proven to be reduced by 50%! A statistic which is ever so helpful for those (like me) approaching the scary quarter of a century milestone!

The eye cream is priced at £80.00 and is available from SpaceNK



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