Parissa Wax Strips*


Every Sunday evening, since I was at school, I’ve enjoyed what can only be called a spa-evening. I whack on a slick of hair oil, apply as many lotions and potions you can think of.


I added a new product to the lineup yesterday with Parissa’s Wax Strips – these are a cruelty-free way to keep fuzz away, and I couldn’t wait to get started on my legs (I’ve been Tria-ing everywhere else!)


Per box you get 20 strips – more than enough for a good few sessions. To use, all you have to do is warm the wax up (Parissa recommend rubbing them in between your hands, but a quick blast with a hairdryer also does the trick!) and separate the plastic coating to find two wax strips. Smooth one onto the skin then … rip off in the direction that the hair is growing – not the most glamorous thing in the world, but at least these mean you can enjoy the privacy of your own bathroom! Since the wax strips are clear, it means you can see precisely what you’re doing, and you don’t end up missing a whole section of your leg. I love the fact these mean I don’t have to wait days for spa appointments, and they don’t hurt any more than a professional job either – major plus!


Once I’m silky-smooth, I pour a little of the blue oil onto a cotton pad and I can remove any stickiness which is left over. Once I’m done I’m good to go! These are just the most convenient little parcels, and would be great to go on holiday with too! I’ve found out that Parissa do facial waxing kits too, and since I’ve been growing my eyebrows in, I’m in dire need of a good wax!

I can’t see the exact pack I’ve got, but Parissa strips are available from Boots.

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