QC Crackling Gel Hand Cleanser*

QC Hand Cleanser

I have to admit to being a huge germaphobe. I hate having to use communal door handles etc when I’m out and about, so I always have some type of hand cleanser in my bag. My favourite at the moment is QC’s Crackling Gel which feels amazing when my hands feel too grubby. All you need is a little squirt, and once its on, you rub your hands together, and magically it feels super cooling and refreshing, plus the cracking is just kind of fun! My bottle smells of melon, and I’m kind of obsessed with it – rather than being overly sickly and fruity, it just smells clean.

The gel is priced at £6 and is available at http://www.nannic.co.uk/products/deo-relax/qc-crackling-gel/

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