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Tria Laser Hair Removal

Since it’s getting warmer, I thought it would be a good time to do an update on my progress with my Tria Hair Removal 4X Laser. You can read my original post here, so since February I’ve been super careful, reaching for it every two weeks and using it after shaving. Since the laser is small (it’s the small inner circle in the photo) I’ve been concentrating on smaller areas which are a pain to keep in check during the summer – namely my underarms and bikini line (spoiler alert, this is in no way a glamorous post). So when I’m in the shower, I make sure to exfoliate well and shave, and when I come out I dry everything off, and since it can take a little time, I load up an episode of something good to distract myself. I load up the laser to its highest setting and get to work. I work through the selected area in a methodical manner, placing the laser on the skin until I feel and hear the bleep. Honestly, it’s not too painful (it’s quite uncomfortable on the bikini line, but it’s bearable) and it just feels like a hot prick.

So, onto results, Tria says that it takes 3 months to start seeing a difference, and I have to agree. Although I’m not completely hair free, I’m getting there, and considering this is a nearly permanent solution, I am over the moon! My underarms, which I used to shave every 2-3 days can go a week before I need to tidy up, and my bikini line looks professionally dealt with. Since the light destroys the hair follicle, hair can be considered gone (although it can change with hormones etc) so I’m over the moon to have mine!

The laser costs £392 and is available here.

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