A’Kin Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner*

A'Kin Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been at the gym nearly everyday; and even though I am super happy about my fitness levels improving and all that jazz, it also means I’ve been washing my hair everyday without fail. I know every single hairdresser in the world says you should’t suds-up on the regular, but my hair looks absolutely awful unless it’s squeaky clean. Couple this with the intense sweat sessions (insert ewe here) I have to be super careful to really look after my hair.

So to make up for all of my ill-treatment, when I’m in the shower, I’ve been smothering my poor ends with A’kin’s Macadamia & Wheat Protein Conditioner. The brand is Australian, and they focus on making the purist, closest to nature, safest and most effective products they can. Since I’ve been using the conditioner super regularly, I’ve really appreciated the lack to synthetics and irritants. After getting my hair thoroughly cleansed, I slap on the conditioner to my ends, and let it get to work as I continue with my shower. The formula feels lovely and rich, although not too heavy. I adore the scent that it has – I would say the wheat protein is the most prominent, as it smells almost like oats and cinnamon – it’s lovely!

I leave the conditioner on for around 10-15 minutes, I shower everything off, then get on with my styling. The conditioner is perfect if you’re battling dried out ends – it hydrates without feeling heavy or weighing hair down, and my hair is left feeling silky soft. It also looks and feels a whole lot smoother too, meaning I don’t need to be quite so vigilant with the straighteners!

The conditioner costs £10.00 and is available here.

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