RMK Eye Balm*

RMK Eye Balm

For someone who isn’t technically ‘old’, I’ve been a fan of eye creams for a while. I’m very much into the idea of prevention rather than cures, so whenever a new sort of product plops through the letter box, I can hardly stop myself from tearing open the box and smearing some on.

RMK Eye Balm and Spoon

RMK is a luxury Japanese brand and I’ve been intrigued by their offerings for a while; so I thought that the Eye Balm would be a perfect place to start! It comes packaged in a rather glamorous silver tub, complete with spoon and detailed instructions for a facial massage, since my skin dries out in the winter, I couldn’t wait to dig in!


The balm itself is colourless and without a strong scent, and feels almost like a lip balm when being scraped up. RMK recommend using about a grain of rice per eye, and since it is such a rich product, you only need the tiniest amount. Since¬†the temperature has plummeted (seriously, there was snow) I have noticed that the skin around my eyes was feeling a little delicate, so the balm couldn’t have come at a better time! The formula contains both¬†Baobab Oil and Argan Oil to nourish and hydrate the sensitive area.


Once you’ve scraped a little from the tub, you can warm it with your fingers to let it sink in more easily. Since my eyes can get hot and puffy, I usually just apply the balm straight from the spoon. The whole ritual of massaging the balm in, feels incredibly relaxing, and the cold temperature of the spoon works wonders on my eye bags! The end of it also has a little rounded ball which is perfect for massaging my temples for a rather spa-like experience.


Along with the balm and spoon, RMK also provide an incredibly easy to follow guide for how to properly use the eye balm. It only takes an extra few minutes, and I can’t tell you how relaxing it feels to really just switch off and enjoy it. I think that at this time of year especially, it’s so easy to stress over basically everything, but RMK have come up with one of my favourite eye products ever!

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