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To say I can be picky is a bit of an understatement, and when it comes to things like my eyebrows I get a bit ridiculous. I think it stems from an experience with a rather over-enthusiastic nail salon where the girl literally razored my eyebrows when I had my eyes closed. Since then, I’ve gathered a few beauty gurus I can really trust, and in the mean-time I tend to get a little self sufficient.

Parissa Hot Wax

Thankfully, Parissa is making stretching the time between waxing appointments super easy with their Hot Wax kit. It’s salon-quality, so it really catches even the shortest or most stubborn hairs, and the set is designed to be used on eyebrows, face and bikini lines. Honestly, I haven’t been brave enough to try my bikini line myself, but one of my old roommates swears by it for at-home brazillians, so there’s that!

To use, you first need to heat the wax until it achieves a honey-like consistency. Parissa do make a wax warmer, so if you’re a regular diy-er, it’s definitely a sound investment. Since I only do small areas, I just heat it over my stove, until half is runny, then mix with a spatula until the entire pan is honey-esque. The wooden spatulas included in the kit are perfectly sized, and the double ended one makes careful application an absolute breeze. Before using the wax, I pencil them in so I can see the shape, and then, disclaimer alert, I get my mother to apply the wax to everything else whilst I lie down. To make application easy, leave a thick edge around the wax, and let it harden. Once the wax has cooled a little to become pliable, yank off in the opposite direction to hair growth. If any wax is left, just dab a little of the used wax on it to stick to it and clean the area. After I apply a touch of the blue oil to calm the area.

As if the wax wasn’t awesome enough, Parissa is an all-natural brand, and it’s also vegan!

The Hot Wax costs £7.27 and is available at Boots.

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