Sjal Skincare Bio-regeneratif Serum*


This year I turn 26 (eek), and I shall (as my mother keeps reminding me, hit my late-ish twenties. Quite frankly, I find this terrifying. My next big milestone is 30, and I feel like by then, I should be completely sorted out, but considering that’s only four and a bit years away, I need to get myself together! Thankfully, one of my smallest concerns is ageing – my skin isn’t too bad, but I’m always looking for ways to look as dewy and as natural as possible. After all, I don’t think anything looks as dated as a full-on face of makeup.

Sjal Skincare Bio-Regeneratif Serum

One of my most recent indulgences has been Sjal Skincare’s amazing new Bio-regeratif Serum. It’s one of the very few products which makes me feel like I can hear angels singing when I take off the cap! I am obsessed with the stuff! If you read my interview with brand-founder Kristin Petrovich (and you can here) you’ll know that Sjal Skincare skilfully merge the ideas of Ancient Eastern Medicine with the most up-to-date scientific thinking you can imagine. Their newest product – the Bio-regeneratif Serum is the complete embodiment of this!

Sjal Bio-Regeneratif Serum 1

The formulation of the serum is some serious stuff! It contains a unique Platinum and Peptide Complex which promise to lift the skin, assist with rejuvenation as well as to reduce wrinkle depth. Thankfully I’m not line-y, but I do have a paper thin line on my forehead which I blame on a youth spent outside. Since I’ve been using the serum, it’s basically vanished. My skin looks a whole lot brighter and healthier too! The formula is incredibly glamorous sounding – it contains a gemstone blend which includes amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond and tourmaline which have all been charged using malachite (the stone pictured). As if the anti-ageing properties of the serum weren’t enough – it’s incredibly hydrating to use. After cleansing I slick a couple of pumps on and let it sink in before following it with moisturiser. Despite being in and out of heating and air con all day, I’ve not had to worry about dryness or irritation, instead my skin just feels incredibly smooth and nourished. As if it wasn’t perfect enough – I even adore the delicate lavender scent which is super calming to use!

Sjal Skincare’s Bio-regeratif Serum is priced at £205 and is available from Harvey Nichols

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