An Interview with Nathalie Franz, Founder of Magicstripes.


When I tried Magicstripes a few weeks back (read about them here) I was seriously impressed. Not only did they work incredibly well, but I just found the whole idea completely intriguing. So you can imagine, I absolutely jumped at the chance to interview brand-founder Nathalie Franz.

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LL: How did you get the idea for the Magicstripes eye lifts?
NF: On one of my travels to Tokyo I stumbled over these silicon stripes and tried them on myself. I was so amazed by the effect that I decided to put them on the European market.

LL: How to the strips work?

NF: The stripes uplift the eyelid immediately and without any cosmetic surgery. You just put the transparent stripes on your eyelid, that’s all.

LL: How much of a difference does a refreshed eye make to an overall look?

NF: The eyes are very important to the overall look. An open and awake eye is the first thing you notice at a person.

LL: What beauty tips would you recommend so that I can always look refreshed and awake?

NF: First of all use Magicstripes of course;) I personally do use them everyday to look fresh. For make-up I prefer a fresh and natural make-up, Mascara, Rouge, Eyebrows.


LL Magicstripes has recently brought out collagen masks and repair gloves – is there a difference when you use these vs normal creams and lotions?

NF: Yes there is a big difference, as all of the mask have special ingredients and effects. They are very effective due to their powerful special ingredients.

LL: What’s next for Magicstripes? 

NF: We are planning to launch more special products in the future. So stay tuned 😉

Thank you so much Nathalie for your answers!

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