Gordon Castle Herb Garden Salt Scrub*

Gordon Castle Herb Garden Sea Salt Scrub

I’m not sure if it’s because I majored in Art History at university, or if it’s because I’m a bit of a history geek, but I got awfully excited when I heard Gordon Castle were launching a luxury beauty line.

Gordon Castle Herb Garden Sea Salt Scrub 2

Gordon Castle is located up in the north of Scotland, and dates back to the 1470s. It’s an absolutely gorgeous property, and in the past few years, the walled gardens have been restored and opened to the public. It’s one of the oldest walled gardens in Scotland, and is filled with rare plants and trees.

Gordon Castle Herb Garden Sea Salt Scrub 1

What sets Gordon Castle’s beauty line apart, is that it contains herbal extracts grown in the walled garden. I just love how special that makes the products! The scrub itself is absolutely heavenly – it’s an extremely thick and luxurious balm, and it feels like a high-end spa treatment in a pot!

Gordon Castle Herb Garden Sea Salt Scrub 3

I’ve been using the scrub once or twice a week, and I find it works best if I massage it into slightly dampened skin. The salt in the formula feels lovely and invigorating to use, and when the formula heats up, notes of mint and rosemary appear, and it feels so decadent to massage the little cranberry into my skin. After using, my arms and legs feel super soft, and I can definitely see and feel the difference when I apply moisturiser. I’ve also been using it on my hands when I give myself a bit of an at-home manicure. Prior to snipping my cuticles, I give my hands a good scrub then apply lashings of moisturiser. The end result looks almost professional!

Gordon Castle’s Herb Garden Sea Salt Scrub costs¬†¬£24.00 and is available here.

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