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Realine Beauty

So it will come to a surprise to exactly no one, that I love trying out new beauty products, and I can safely say that I’ve never stumbled across anything which even remotely resembles Realine Beauty’s Frown Line Patches.

Realine Beauty 1

On the photo above, you can just about see the outline of the sticker, which, when peeled, resembles ‘invisible’ Sellotape. The difference is, however, that Realine’s frown patches are completely hypoallergenic and the shape is designed to train muscles out of frowning. Every evening, after I’ve cleansed, I’ve been popping a sheet on my forehead, and then smoothing it to make sure it’s properly in place.

Realine Beauty 2

The special shape of the patches really focuses on the ’11’ lines some people get between the eyebrows, and even though it sounds crazy, the patches really do help muscles relax away from frowning. I’ve noticed that when I’m working away in front of a computer I tend to frown as I’m thinking, and since I’m trying to avoid botox for as long as possible, I’m finding Realine’s patches a fabulous alternative. The patches are incredibly easy to use, and they don’t look too funny once I smooth them on at night. When it comes to removing them in the morning, they peel off incredibly easily leaving no stickiness or irritation, even on my sensitive skin! I also don’t think that it’s a coincidence that my tension headaches have also been reduced!

A box of 30 Realine Patches (a month’s supply) is priced at £28 and is available here.

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