Dirty Works Body Scrubs*

Dirty Works Body Scrub

Since the weather is on a serious uptick, I think that summer might really be on it’s way after all! I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been hiding in sweaters and leggings all winter! So, in an effort to get my skin looking a bit more summer-ready, I’ve been turning to Dirty Works’ duo of Body Scrub and Buttery Body Scrub which are perfect if you’re looking for an affordable way to get super soft skin!

Dirty Works Body Scrub 1

I tend to reach for the Body Scrub for my arms and chest area, since it has quite a light consistency, it’s perfect for daily shower use. The formula feels lovely to use as it really gets rid of dry and scaly skin on problem areas like my elbows, but it doesn’t feel too harsh on delicate areas like my chest. It has a sweet, almost candy like scent which is a nice change from my normally quite fresh and unisex morning shower gels.

Dirty Works Buttery Body Scrub

For areas like my legs, thighs, feet and hands, I turn to Dirty Works’ Buttery Salt Scrub. This has a much thicker, almost paste-like consistency which is perfect for a more intense exfoliation. For larger areas like my legs I need a few finger-fulls which I work into damp skin then shower off. If I’m giving myself a bit of an at-home manicure, I like to take a little of the scrub and really work it into my hands and cuticles. It makes my dry skin disappear, and it feels super luxurious! After using both scrubs I like to slather a good amount of a really nourishing moisturiser on to really hydrate my skin and keep it looking glowy for as long as possible!

Possibly the best thing about Dirty Works is how affordable it is! The Body Scrub is priced at £3.00 and the Buttery Salt Scrub is £4.00 and both are available from Sainsburys.

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