SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream*

SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream

So, it’s not exactly news that summer tends to be sandal-season, so I always make a special effort to make sure that my feet are in as good condition as possible.

SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream 4

Even though I like to get pedicures as often as possible, it’s important that between appointments I keep problem areas like my heels as soft and smooth as possible – there’s nothing grosser than janky feet! After I shower I like to give my heels a good sloughing so that they’re always soft. I’ve found the best thing for this is a basic foot file from Sally’s. (I purchased the Dr. Scholl foot slougher and it was seriously disappointing!) Then, I slather a thick layer of SenSpa’s gorgeous Foot Therapy Cream.

SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream 1

It’s a seriously luxurious cream which feels rich and cooling to apply. When I’m going out, I rub a small amount into my heels, but if I’m going to the gym or to bed, I cover my feet in a thick layer then pop on a pair of cotton socks. It’s super simple, and it lets the cream get to work softening skin and leaving feet feeling refreshed. I love the light, herbal fragrance, and even better? I can pick it up when I’m buying my groceries!

SenSpa Foot Therapy Cream is priced at £5.50 and is available here

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