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Still haven’t been on your summer holidays yet? There is still plenty of time for you to hit up the beach. And that means there is still plenty of time to get your beach look ready. I’ve been through all of 2016’s hottest summer trends and beach look to see what you need to be wearing on the sand. Here’s how to nail 2016’s best beach looks.

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DIY Crop Tops


Remember when you were at school, and you used to fold up your t-shirt to create your very own crop top? Well, this homemade look is back in fashion! You can still tie a bow in your favourite blouse or t-shirt for an easy look. But this current trend is also about getting creative and upcycling your clothes. Got some old leggings you don’t wear anymore? They can be repurposed into a cute cropped long-sleeve top. Before you throw any piece of clothing out, ask yourself if you can make a new item with it. If you can, why not do it?! Not only will you look on trend in your crop top, but it also gives you a great excuse to flaunt your belly piercing and Belly Rings!

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T-Shirts Under Spaghetti Tops


This is another trend that was big back in school, especially during the late 90s. T-shirts should be worn under spaghetti tops again! The Kardashian sisters have recently been pictured rocking this look. And are there any better fashion setters than the Kardashian clan? It may take you a while to readjust dressing like you did when you were a kid, but you’ll soon get used to it. But, just think; there’ll be less skin on show to get burnt under the hot beach sun!


Cover Your Swimsuit


We’ve had years of flaunting our swimsuits and bikinis out on the beach. But 2016 is the year things start to change. You will notice a lot of people covering up on the beach this summer. Dungarees are the best way to protect your skin from all the seawater and sunshine. But there are other fashionable ways, including jumpsuits and sleeveless duster dresses. Don’t think about kaftans, though. They are slowly starting to fall out of fashion. So to look fresh on the beach, pull on some linen dungarees.

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Image: Pexels


Tousled Hair And Soft Skin


Hair and skin trends aren’t changing at all over 2016’s summer. Tousled beach hair is still very much in fashion. To achieve this relaxed look, you should let your hair dry naturally and give it a quick spritz with some products to protect your waves. Try and keep your skin well-moisturized and out of the sun. No one wants to turn lobster red when they’re out on the beach! Just in case you do stay out in the sun too long, remember a bottle of after sun.


Nothing says it like shades

Shades are the perfect example of an outfit choice that is every bit as stylish as it is practical. Aside from shielding your eyes from the light, preventing eyestrain, and even matching your prescription, they are super cool, to boot. see here to catch the latest addition to your beach look. Just be sure to choose a glasses type that suits the shape of your face to get the maximum impact out of those shades.



So that’s it for 2016’s beach fashion. Now that you know about all the latest beach trends for the summer, you’re all ready to jet off on holiday!



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