Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap*

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

With the rise of beauty blogging, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of people’s ‘cult products.’ I can’t tell you how often I’ve run out about bought a foundation or mascara (or whatever) and come away slightly disappointed that it hasn’t set the world on fire. (That’s why I only blog about products I love!) Happily though, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap has really lived up to the hype!

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap Tea Tree

I don’t think many products can claim to have 18+ uses, but Dr. Bronners Magic Soap is one of the best multitaskers I’ve come across! Scented with a range of gorgeous natural fragrances (I’ve been trying out Tea Tree and Eucalyptus) there really is something for everyone.

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap Tea Tree 1

The ‘magic’ part of the soap comes from the castille, which is a seriously old-school type of soap. If you’re trying to get greener in your home or in your beauty regime, Dr Bronner’s is a great place to start! On a beauty level, Magic Soap is an absolutely great body wash. It smells amazing (I am obsessed with both fragrances as they smell so fresh) and you only need the tiniest squirt to get a lovely foam. I also think that Dr. Bronner’s is the best thing ever for cleaning makeup brushes – it completely eliminates any buildup in bristles, and it leaves them feeling super soft (and smelling amazing).

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap - Eucalyptus

You can also use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap as laundry detergent (I haven’t tried this as I have a history of breaking large scale appliances) but I did use the soap to clean the interior of my car. All I did was dilute a big squirt of the soap in a basin of hot water, then used a soft face cloth to wash the leather. It really brightened everything up, and my car has smelled amazing for days afterwards!

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is priced at £6.24 and is available here

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