Hugo Boss’ Ma View Eau de Parfum – Runway Edition*

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Runways Collection

Can you believe it’s Friday already? This month is absolutely flying by, but I thought I would celebrate the up-and-coming weekend with one of my favourite fragrance discoveries – Hugo Boss’ Ma View Eau de Parfum which is the final member of Hugo Boss’ great Runway Collection trio. Like the Jour and Nuit fragrances, Ma Vie is decorated with a stunning Jason Wu fashion illustration, and the dusky pink bottle just looks so chic on my dressing table!

Designed with the idea of the ‘independent spirit of a woman’ in mind, Hugo Boss have created a really beautiful scent, which is an absolute joy to wear! Rather than the regular top, heart and base notes, Ma Vie’s scent is split into three categories:

  • Modernity: Cactus Blossom
  • Feminity: Pink freesia, jasmine petals, rose bud
  • Confidence: Sheer woods, cedarwood

The idea of using Cactus Blossom in such a feminine scent is an absolute stroke of genius – it gives the floral notes a real green freshness which is perfect if you’re looking for a great everyday perfume! I love how Ma Vie sits quite close to the scent; it’s not too rich or opulent to wear during the day, but it still feels like such a treat to apply!

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Runway Collection is priced at £64.50 and is available here.

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