Herra Protecting Hair Perfume – Oud Inspired*

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume Oud Inspired

I’m not sure I can think of anything quite so glamorous and luxurious as hair perfume. The idea of a product created specifically so that your locks smell great feels like something from a fairytale. Thankfully though, Herra Hair Care have made it incredibly easy to have beautifully scented and shiny hair with their range of luxury hair perfumes.

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume Oud Inspired 1

I was very kindly sent a few of the perfumes to try, and I have to say, they are all absolutely beautiful. Packaged in a stunning rose gold box, The Herra Oud Inspired was the first of Herra’s offerings I tried.

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume Oud Inspired 4

The Hair Perfume itself comes in a super chic glass bottle, adored with the Herra Logo in gold. It really is a thing of beauty, and it couldn’t be easier to use! After washing, blow drying and styling my hair, I simply apply a few light sprays of the perfume and I’m good to go. Herra Protecting Hair Perfume has the absolute lightest texture, so it won’t weigh hair down, or leaving it looking greasy. Instead, it imparts a light gloss which really smooths my sometimes unruly hair, and the scent is beautiful.

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume Oud Inspired 2

Oud Inspired is a great option if you want something a little special for evenings. It really reminds me of living in the Middle East, as the fragrance is a rich combination of woods – patchouli, sandalwood and white oud mingle with saffron accords, rose, jasmine, lavender, orris and geranium whilst top notes of bergamot, mandarin, red fruits and lemon add refreshing amount of zest. For a hair product it’s an incredibly complex fragrance, and I have to admit to sniffing my ends absentmindedly whenever I wear Oud Inspired.

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume Oud Inspired clutch

If you fancy a version which is easier to tote around with you, Herra also make a clutch duo which include a full size bottle of their Protecting Hair Perfume along with a miniature bottle of the scent. The small size is absolutely perfect if you’re going out straight from work, and want to give yourself a little spruce, or even if your travelling.

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume Oud Inspired 3

I absolutely adore how the miniatures are just as beautiful as the full size bottle, and they are a great way to try out the Hair Perfume to see how you like it! I’ve become rather addicted to using it as a finishing touch when I’m getting ready – it makes my hair soft, shiny as well as beautifully scented, and I love the longevity of it too! Even when I’ve used the Oud Inspired Hair perfume in the morning, my hair still looks and smells beautiful well into the afternoon.

Herra Protecting Hair Perfume is priced at £ 28.00 for a single bottle or £ 33.00 for the clutch set and both are available here.

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