The Golden Rules of Skin Care

Our skin is precious and can easily get damaged. So we need to get to know our skin and care for it in the best way that we can. It helps to keep us looking young, as well as acting as the first defence for bacteria and viruses. If it gets damaged it affects how you look and feel so much. So here are some of the golden rules of skin care. How many are you doing on a regular basis?


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  • Know Your Skin Type


We all have different skin types and it all needs to be treated differently. Oily skin shouldn’t be treated in the same way as dry skin. If it is, it could make it worse, and vice versa. So when you are shopping for skin care products, make sure that you choose products that are made for your skin type. If you aren’t 100% sure of your skin type, there are many places that can help. Even just a makeup counter in a department store, like Clarins or Clinique.


  • Look After Fragile Skin


There are certain areas on your skin that are really delicate. These areas are around your eyes and mouth, in particular. You need to make sure that you don’t extra care in your skin care and beauty regime. Getting a specific eye cream is a good idea. Wearing sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun protection lip balm are great ways to care for these areas too.


  • Relax and Let Your Skin Breathe


It is important to let your skin breathe, be natural and relax. This is why taking your makeup off at night is pretty key. It is a good idea to have a facial or massage from time to time too. Even if it is something that you do yourself. If you do want to splash out, then having a facial, like a Dr Leah Facial, is a good way to rejuvenate your skin. Facials can help to remove toxins and leave your skin looking clear and feeling good.


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  • Reduce External Damages


There are lots of things that can affect how healthy your skin is. Think of things like pollution and smoke for example. So if you are a smoker, giving up is a good way to improve the appearance of your skin. These things can harm your skin and cause more damage. So eliminate as many as you can. I know it isn’t always possible, though. So making sure that you cleanse your skin properly morning and night, will counteract these effects to a certain extent.


  • Make Sure Your Moisturise


Our skin is made up of a lot of water. So being able to moisturise your skin is the best way to keep it in good condition. So look for products that help to keep the level of moisture in your skin. You should use a moisturising face mask every now and again too. It will help to keep the moisture locked in your skin and keep it feeling soft. So make sure that it is part of your routine.


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