Beauty&Go Drinks*

Beauty & Go drinks

Even though I’m something of a morning person, I’ve never really been all that keen on breakfasts. No matter how early (or late) I wake up, I can’t really deal with the idea of something big or heavy, no matter how important breakfast is supposed to be! So instead of chowing down, I usually just grad a fresh juice or smoothie and I’m on my way.

Beauty & Go Detox

Thankfully though, Beauty & Go have made my mornings incredibly easy with their yummy Bioactive Beauty Drinks. As well as tasting delicious, the choice of four drinks have been designed to have added beauty benefits, and who doesn’t need that at 6am?! The first drink from the range that I got to try was Detox, which is designed to cleanse the skin and detox. Packaged in a cute green bottle, Beauty & Go claim that the drink helps to stimulate your metabolism and contributes to toxin elimination thanks to the inclusion of collagen, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, spirulina algae, artichoke, orange fibre, broccoli, dandelion, spinach, mint and nettle, citrulline, natural olive fruit extract, resveratrol, zinc and vitamin C.

Beauty & Go Anti Ageing

I think my favourite of the two is the Anti-Ageing smoothies, which tastes super fruity. Like it’s Detox counterpart, it’s a serially scientific drink, with collagen, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, raspberry, hibiscus, orange fibre, citrulline, natural olive fruit extract, resveratrol, selenium and vitamins C and E all included in the drink!

You can find Beauty&Go drinks exclusively at Tesco and Selfridges

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