Yogandha Relax Body Oil*

Yogandha Relax Body Oil

For me, Sundays are all about relaxation. I like to get myself sorted for the week ahead – any work I have to do gets done, I spend a couple of hours at the gym, working out and enjoying the steam rooms and sauna, and when I get home I treat myself to the most luxurious of bubble baths, face packs and hair masks.It’s a nice way to end my week and prepare for the new one, and one of my newest additions to my relaxation ritual is Yogandha’s beautiful Relax Body Oil.

Yogandha Relax Body Oil 1

When I was at Harvey Nichols’ incredible yoga class (you can read about it here) I was lucky enough to meet with the founder of Yoganha Oils – the fabulous Sinead Duffy. Getting to chat to her about her love and passion for the brand was seriously inspiring – her enthusiasm was infectious, and I just loved the way she encouraged everyone to really tune into their bodies, and see what fragrance blend most appealed. For me, it was the Relax Oil, a blend of lavender and vetiver oils which are just heavenly.

Yogandha Relax Body Oil 3

Talking to Sinead was incredibly interesting, and the amount of effort she has put into Yogandha is truly admirable. Absolutely every element of the product has been carefully thought out – even the cardboard box the oils come in is an origami-esque work of art, designed by her neighbour, it’s glue free so it’s compostable too.

Yogandha Relax Body Oil 2

The Relax Body Oil really is just a delight to use. I tend to reach for it after my evening shower, as it feels so nourishing on the skin, and the mix of lavender and vetiver is just incredibly calming. To reap as much benefit from the scent as possible, I concentrate on applying it to my arms and chest, and it just sinks into skin, leaving skin moisturised and smelling divine. When I was talking to Sinead, she told me all about how her oils are all natural, so the beneficial properties of the oils are absorbed into the skin, so it does your body real good!

Yogandha Body Oils are priced at £25.00 and they are available from Harvey Nichols

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