Bobbi Brown Face Mask Collection*


Bobbi Brown might be a brand that’s best known for creating beautiful makeup which makes you look like yourself on your best day, but what you might not know is, they also have a rather impressive skincare line which creates the perfect canvas for their beauty looks!


Including everything from cleansers, toners and moisturizers to perfumes, the newest additions to the line up is this trio of face masks which promise to detox, nourish and boost skin’s radiance. The fact that you can pick and choose the masks best suited to your skin type is so handy, and if you want to treat yourself to all three (and you will) you can really focus the masks on your problem areas. Rather handily, to let you see what works best for you, the trio is available in dinky sample sizes for a rather affordable £10!


The Instant Detox Mask is a complete must-have if you have oily or congested skin. I’ve been adding this to my Sunday at-home spa evenings to really clear out my skin before the week begins, and I’m rather fond of it!


With a formula rich in minerals, it’s far more than your average clay face mask. Instead, ingredients like  to ensure Hawaiian Sea Water and Amazonian White Clay, fuse together to help extract dirt and oil from pores, whilst the Sea Salt cleanses, nourishes and balances skin, without leaving it feeling stripped or dry.


The Radiance Boost mask is basically all of my exfoliation dreams combined into one chic little white tube. Unlike the much maligned microbeads which have just been outlawed in the US, this mask uses superfine walnut grains to slough away dead skin.


With the grains held in a super-nourishing Algae-infused formula, the mask really gets rid of any winter dryness, leaving skin feeling soft and radiant. I’ve been using the mask around twice a week, and am loving the results!


Last up is the Skin Nourish Mask which is packaged in the most beautiful pink tube. I’ve been using this mask at night instead of my regular pm moisturizer, and I’ve been seriously bowled over by the results. Unlike the other two masks, Skin Nourish is all about treating and hydrating skin. The lightweight formula sinks easily into skin,with ingredients such as Coral Grass, Hydro Herb and Salicornia which lock in and regulate moisture levels, as well as plumping, smoothing and nourishing the complexion. It’s the perfect choice if you feel like your constantly getting dry skin from things like central heating and being outside in the cold!

The full sized masks are currently available exclusively here

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