Lululemon & Yoghanda at Lululemon Edinburgh


A few months ago, a new Lululemon store opened up right in the middle of Edinburgh’s George Street, and if you’re not familiar with the brand, you pretty much owe it to yourself to have a good look around!


The store is completely filled with the most swoon-worthy yoga wear.


There are cuts and colours to suit everyone, and their leggings are some of the softest and comfiest I own.


They also have the best selection of yoga accessories you can imagine – towers of mats, bundles of water bottles and bags, they have the cutest stuff (I dare you to go into the store and leave empty handed).


As if the store wasn’t stunning enough already, if you slip downstairs there is the cosiest of yoga studio tucked beneath the store. Lululemon hold classes down there weekly, and the best part of it is, they are completely free! It’s such a nice idea if you’re just looking to start practicing yoga, or if you want to practice your vinyasas.

DSC_0294The Resolution Revolution class was a little different to the normal offerings, as the store had invited Sinéad Duffy, the creator of Yoghanda Oils over to talk about her brand and how best to use them.


Sinéad is such an inspiring speaker – she’s a qualified yoga teacher, and her line is just divine, so getting tips on how to really focus energy towards our goals was truly inspiring.


A lot of what Sinéad recommends is body-led, you can go up, smell all the different fragrances and see what your body responds best to. It sounds so simple, but actually taking a few minutes out of your day to really listen to yourself is incredibly important.


She also talked about how the different oils can help with your different intentions. If you feel you want to cleanse yourself of energy the Detox Oil is the one for you, or, if you need a sense of calm, the Relax Oil is probably best.


The Yoghanda Oils range includes three rollerballs and three body oils, and I have to say, they are some of my most used body care! Every night I massage a couple of drops of the Relax Body Oil into my arms and chest to help me calm down and unwind. The fragrance is really beautiful – a blend of lavender and vetiver which is just heavenly after a long day!


Then, after listening to Sinéad and letting her guide everyone through breathing exercises, it was time for the class to begin.


Crystal from New Town’s gorgeous new Tribe Yoga studio led the class, which was filled with everyone’s favourite stretches.



The classes are such a wonderful way to practice yoga with some of the city’s best teachers, and they have such a lovely community feel.


The mix of levels means that no matter how new or experienced you are, you won’t feel like your on your own.


Thank you so much to Lululemon Edinburgh and Yoghanda Oils for inviting me


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