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Despite living in Scotland aka the place where the sun never shines, I’ve never really gotten into fake tanners. They always seem a little messy and high maintenance for me. Plus I can’t stand when they make you smell weird and of biscuits, and no I been need to mention the annoying orange hands issue?


Tan-Luxe seem to have the same attitude as me, and, as a result, have produced a real game-changer of a tanner. First off, you’ll notice it looks nothing like any fake tan you’ve come across before. Rather than the usual creams, gels and foams, this is a water which you simply spritz on clean, exfoliated skin. The bottle comes with a handy spray applicator, so you can reach awkward areas like your back without enlisting some help.


Just before getting out of the shower,  I give myself a quick blast with cold water, just to make sure my pores are closed, giving me an even tan. I work from the bottom up so to speak, making sure to cover my skin with an even mist, then using a tanning mist, I use long, upwards strokes to rub it in. The formula does just feel like water, and doesn’t dry out skin, or leave it feeling oily, instead it just kind of disappears. I then head to bed and let the The Water do its magic. In the morning skin looks like I’ve spent a week somewhere rather exotic – there are no streaks or smears, just an even, believable tan!

Tan-Luxe The Water is priced at £33 and is available here.

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