Don’t Be Afraid To Smile: Correct Any Issues You Have Now

We all have moments where we feel low on confidence. We wake up in the morning and don’t want to go to work, or class, or do anything at all. It can be for any number of reasons – we don’t think we’re good enough, we haven’t slept well, or we grab a look in the mirror and aren’t fond of how we look. Whatever the reason, it is tricky to overcome.

One thing that seriously affects people’s self confidence is the way their teeth look. We can project confidence in a number of ways – the things we say, the ways we say them and the way we move. But the most obvious way is to smile broadly. If we feel unable to smile, it has a knock-on effect on those other things. Try to sell a positive attitude without a smile – it’s really quite difficult.

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Some people don’t smile for deep-seated emotional reasons. However, some people refuse to smile because they don’t want to show their teeth, due to embarrassment. If you’ve got teeth that aren’t as white as they should be, then opening your mouth in front of people is hard. Making some changes may be essential for your self-confidence.

Problem: Your Teeth Are Stained By A Bad Habit

Your teeth can end up yellow from years of nicotine, or with brown stains from drinking black coffee. It can even be the case that drinking too much red wine causes them to stain. Whatever the cause, stained teeth can be embarrassing and leave you wondering if people are judging you. Having your teeth whitened can make a difference to your appearance and confidence in this case.

Problem: Your Teeth Are Damaged From Long Term Neglect

When you’re a kid, you get put off a lot of things you’re supposed to do, simply by the fact that you are supposed to do them. A little youthful rebellion is part of growing up. However, if you fail to brush your teeth and keep up a routine, it can cause damage for later.

As well as staining, you could end up with abscesses and teeth that need to be removed. There’s still time to save them, if you haven’t lose an adult tooth yet. Even if you have, keep the rest in good condition. Use the right toothbrush twice a day to ensure you keep your smile naturally bright, and floss to avoid problems with bad breath.

Problem: You’ve Lost Teeth Due To A Hobby

Old boxers, when interviewed, can sometimes be incomprehensible. Now, part of this is due to being hit repeatedly in the head, but another part is that professional boxers lose teeth. So do soccer players, football players, and a lot of other people with very active hobbies.

If you’ve had a tooth knocked out, leaving the gap there can cause your other teeth to grow crooked and cause worse issues for you. Get it checked out – if you need an implant or denture it’s best to get it sooner rather than later.


Feeling self-conscious about your smile can make life in general really tough. Taking steps to correct any issues may feel daunting, but it’s worth the effort.



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