The Beauty Priorities You Should Be Making in 2017

When it comes to beauty, we as women can have rather a lot on our plates. No matter how much we say we love it, beauty prep can be such a chore. From the hours of showering to even longer finishing the look, it can be exhausting. So much so, that it’s not always that easy to know what to prioritize.

One thing’s for sure, taking care of your skin should always be up there. But it’s not the only thing, from taking care of your health to caring for your hair, here are the areas that you should be putting all of your beauty efforts into for 2017.

Keeping Your Skin Clean

First of all, it’s more important than just about anything else to keep your skin clean. It’s what will keep it clear. Removing your makeup at night should be something you never fail to do. There are very few circumstances where this can be thrown out the window – and even those are life and death. Make sure to cleanse your skin too, it’ll make sure that your skin stays cleaner for longer. Exfoliating will also help to keep your skin looking brighter by removing dead skin cells.

Focusing On Quality Not Quantity

With so much focus on makeup in our modern world, we can often be lead to believe that more is more. When actually, it’s not. If you’re a collector of makeup, it’s time to cut back. You’re beauty of buying beauty products that you love and investing in them, than buying lots of bits that you only kind of like. When it comes to beauty, quality beats quantity every single time.

Moisturising From Head To Toe

We know all about moisturising and how important it is, but sometimes we only focus on the face. In fact, it’s just as important to moisturise the rest of our bodies, if not more. Yes our face generally sees more sun and can suffer from more environmental damage, but the skin on the rest of our body is often more forgotten about, making it just as susceptible to damage as our face. By moisturising all over, from head to toe, you make sure all of your skin is healthy and cared for.

Cutting Back On Heat

Healthy hair isn’t as achievable as it once was. We’re using more heat related products than ever and as much as heat protection sprays can help, they also aren’t as great as staying away from heat entirely. Although you are going to still use heat products from time to time, it’s good to cut back on them as much as you can. You hair will become a lot healthier for it.

Balancing Your Lifestyle

And finally, it’s time to prioritise balance. It’s not that easy to stay all healthy, all of the time. So instead, what you want to try and aim for is a healthy balance. By eating as well as you can, increasing your water intake and getting enough sleep, you’re doing your bit to improve your skin and your overall appearance. As we all know, under-eye bags are never the best accessory.


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