Eight Amazing Reasons To Go On A Winter Holiday

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To many people, holidays mean sun worshipping. And while that’s all well and good, they’re really limiting their possibilities for getting out there and exploring the world. Colder destinations are some of the most beautiful and natural places on this planet, and we’d be fools to discount them from our list of must-visit places. Once you start to consider the added health benefits, cooler climates actually start to sound like great holiday destinations.

  1. It’s better for your skin

We all know that we shouldn’t expose our skin to the sun too much, otherwise we risk skin cancers and other problems. Cooler climates lessen that risk significantly, and the cold air also helps to boost circulation, meaning skin will look clearer and fresher.

  1. We burn calories faster

Our bodies store brown fat, as well as other types, which burns calories in cold weather in order to keep us warm. This means that we literally burn calories and lose weight, simply by being in a cooler climate. If this isn’t a great reason to add colder countries to your travel bucket list, I don’t know what is!

  1. The cold boosts our immune system

Our bodies up white blood cell production as we go into colder weather in order to more effectively fight any incoming bugs.

  1. There are no pesky bugs

One of my main issues with tropical holidays is the number of insects, bloodsucking or otherwise, that buzz around day and night. Luckily, they prefer the hotter weather, so wintery holidays are almost completely bug-free.

  1. The history is fascinating

Cooler countries tend to have really interesting histories – I’m thinking Vikings and Saxons and warfare and longboats. Just because the weather is cooler, it doesn’t mean that the museums and archaeological sites are closed.

  1. It’s something new

Hot destinations can start to get a bit repetitive, especially in the more touristy areas. The excitement of a new experience, such as husky safaris in the Arctic Circle or ice fishing in Iceland, is a great reason to try cooler holiday destinations. Let your sense of adventure go wild.

  1. It costs less

Travelling north during the winter months is a great way to get a cheap deal on your trip. Even in summer, while everyone is moving south to try to follow the sun, moving north is a great way to save some money. This is especially true if you travel off-season, and while the school term is still in session.

  1. It’s super romantic

There is nothing more lovely than cuddling up in front of a log fire after a day out in the cold. The cooler weather and brisk, fresh air makes our heads feel clearer and gets our blood pumping. This can even make us feel more romantically inclined, if you catch my drift. Plus, rosy cheeks make us look super cute and basically irresistible.

So don’t discount colder climates when you’re deciding on your next holiday because you could be missing out on a whole new world of experiences, and it’s even great for your health.


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