Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Travel and How To Avoid Them

Whether you plan to travel far or just plan to travel locally, there are still things that can go awry. The thing is, though, when you are a bit further from home it can be even more of a hassle to resolve. Especially when it comes to a language barrier or large expenses. There are some certain things that you can do to make sure that you avoid them. Getting travel insurance is the number one recommendation when it comes to travel. Then you can be confident in the knowledge that if something happens, that isn’t your fault, it can be resolved in a swifter and less expensive way. There are a few other common travel mistakes that should be avoided too. Here are the things you should look out for to make sure that you don’t make them as well.


  • Not Checking your passport

One mistake that happens more often than you’d think is having an expiring passport just before travel. So it means having to do all the documents in a much speedier fashion to get it processed in a day or so. This is not only stressful, but it isn’t always guaranteed to have your passport arrive in time. It is also much more expensive when it is done this way around. So if you are planning a trip in advance, make sure you know when your passport is going to expire. Then you can get it renewed with plenty of time to go.

  • Not checking for preclearance or a visa

This does depend on what country you are traveling to. As some countries don’t need a preclearance or a specific visa. But you need to do your research to check what is required of the country that you plan to travel to. In Turkey, for example, you buy your visa at the immigration desk and need to have cash with you. For travel to the US and Canada, you need to have a preclearance check called an ESTA. It is basically a check that will then authorize you to travel to that country. But for more information on ESTA and which countries you’d need one for, you could look online. Again, just give yourself plenty of time to get the check or visa done.

  • Connections too close together

If you are arranging your travel yourself, then it can be tempting to plan your connections as close to each other as possible. You might think that it will reduce your time waiting or traveling around. In a lot of cases, it will be fine. But in quite a lot of cases, it will make getting the connections more difficult. If your first flight is delayed, then it has ongoing consequences for the rest of your journey. It could lead to missing connections which can then be difficult to rectify; especially if they are using different airlines. So don’t go overboard by allowing hours and hours, but do give yourself plenty of time to make the flight or travel connections.


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