Nugg Winter Glow Face Mask Set*


Keeping skin healthy in winter temperatures can be seriously tough. Mine usually hovers somewhere between dehydrated and dull, so when I caught sight of Nugg’s Winter Glow Face Mask Set, I was seriously intrigued. Rather than buying your regular tube of mask, Nugg sell these little pods, which are filled with product, and are fresh every time you reach for them.


Nugg’s Hydrating Face Mask was the first of the three types that I tried. Fortified with Camellia Seed oil & Spirulina Extract, the mask has a rich, almost gel-like texture which feels wonderfully nourishing to apply. I have to say, although the pods look rather compact, there is a seriously generous portion of product, and I had more than enough to slather my face, neck, d├ęcolletage, arms and even my hands! Even though Nugg recommend just tissuing the excess off, I left mine on overnight to let the goodness really sink in. I can’t even tell you how soft and smooth my skin felt in the morning. Seriously moisturised, and truly nourished – this is a seriously impressive mask!


The Exfoliating Face Mask is pretty my my favourite type of mask. The formula contains Jojoba Beads with gently slough skin, as well as Cranberry Seed Oil to smooth. Again, it’s a generous little nugget of product, and one capsule will be more than adequate for a few uses.


Last up is the Revitalizing Face Mask. Packed with Flaxseed & Peppermint Oil, this is a seriously peppy mask which has a wonderfully minty scent. Much like the Hydrating mask, this one has a rich gel consistency, although I don’t tend to leave it on for quite as long. For me, I find the mask works best if I apply it to clean skin, and let it get to work for 15-20 minutes. Then I just tissue off the excess and apply my makeup as normal. It really brightens and awakens skin, leaving it looking seriously clear and bright.

You can find Nugg masks here


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